11 IKEA Ottomans That Are Worth The Price, According To Reviews

When it's time to buy an ottoman for your home, one of the most obvious stores to turn to is IKEA. Since it first came to the United States in the mid-1980s, American homeowners have relied on the Swedish retail giant to fill their homes with thoughtful, modern, reasonably-priced, Scandinavian-inspired decor and furniture. But it can be difficult to navigate an IKEA catalog or warehouse for one simple reason: the stores are absolutely enormous. Suddenly, the task of finding a great ottoman for your home can be a totally overwhelming task. Do you want an ottoman for extra storage space or to double up as extra seating when guests come over? Do you need one at a specific height so it works as a footrest? Will the budget-buy ottoman actually last for more than a few months? 

Whether you're wandering the floor of an IKEA store or perusing the website, it's often helpful to have a guide to help you narrow down your options. To assist you in your ottoman quest, we pored over IKEA's current offerings and chose the 11 most well-rated ottomans. Below, you'll find some basic information about each of these furniture pieces as well as what makes them unique.

Best ergonomic design: POÄNG ottoman

The minimalist and ultra-modern decorator can't go wrong with the POÄNG footstool. Its striking silhouette and neutral colors make it the perfect addition to any room. Customers love pairing it with the IKEA POÄNG chair as well, with one person saying, "This really completes the comfort level of the POÄNG chair. Easy assembly too," and notes that the ottoman has a high-end look. Further, another customer writes that they have back issues and that this ottoman helps. 

The POÄNG ottoman (sold separately from the matching chair) is available on IKEA for $120. 

Best quiet luxury: STRANDMON ottoman

Finding pieces that look equally contemporary and classic is difficult, but this STRANDMON ottoman absolutely fits the brief. One of these ottomans would look incredibly chic as a footrest at the end of the couch, or you could use a pair as a modular bench seat in the entryway. An IKEA customer says, "The height of this is just right with my sofa. So perfect for resting legs." We also love that it's available in textured fabrics and bold colors, which ups the quiet luxury appeal

IKEA'S STRANDMON ottoman can be purchased directly from IKEA for $100 to $150, based on the color. 

Best for compact storage: OSKARSHAMN ottoman

No matter how many closets and cabinets you have, there's just never enough storage space. This OSKARSHAMN ottoman is the perfect option for those who need a small but stylish piece to hold a few odds and ends. One IKEA customer notes that it works great as an entryway bench that you can sit on while putting on your shoes. You could also store your shoes inside the piece, or you could use it as a living room ottoman and place blankets inside.

The OSKARSHAMN ottoman, which comes in three colors, is available from IKEA for $150 or $200. 

Best wicker with storage: TOLKNING ottoman

The TOLKNING wicker ottoman is an incredibly attractive option, as it can add a warm organic touch to any area and fits with loads of design aesthetics such as boho chic and desert modern. Perhaps best of all, it's also a storage table. One reviewer writes, "This storage ottoman is attractive, has a large storage capacity, and is well-made. I use it as a side table ... and store bed linens & blankets." However, keep in mind that the woven fibers are uneven, so you may need a tray to make the surface stable. 

The TOLKNING can be purchased from IKEA for $89.99. 

Best leather: MORABO ottoman

A tufted leather ottoman is about as classic as you can get, and the MORABO is a really wonderful representation of the term. However, while most customers agree that it's a beautiful, comfortable ottoman, there is one problem with the gray option, which was made to match the MORABO sectional in gray. According to a couple of reviews, the couch and previous generation of this ottoman used gray thread, but the new model listed on IKEA's website uses white thread. If this detail will keep you up at night, use caution when purchasing this item. 

The MORABO is available from IKEA for $319. 

Best for large storage: KIVIK ottoman

If storage is the name of the game, then you can't go wrong with the spacious KIVIK ottoman. It's large enough that you could easily store books, clothes, sheets, and pillows inside, and it comes in lots of trendy but classic colors. While it might not be featured in the listing, one reviewer says that this ottoman is feline friendly, writing, "I bought this so my three cats could have a nice window seat to watch the birds. All three of them can be found here often." 

Considering it's kitty-approved makes the KIVIK worth the price of $269, $299, or $349, available from IKEA

Best cube-shape: KEDJEBO ottoman

In a world full of oval and rectangular ottomans, the KEDJEBO cube ottoman is a refreshing change of pace. It's not just a place to kick up your feet or put a cup of coffee, as it can even work as additional seating as needed — the perfect tiny home hack to maximize small spaces. A pleased customer writes, "I love the colors, shape, and firmness of the seating they provide. Would definitely recommend!" Another says it is both an excellent seat and footstool, while most ottomans usually only work as one or the other. 

Order the KEDJEBO from IKEA's website for $119.99. 

Best budget: KJUGE ottoman

Meet the KJUGE. This small, hexagonal ottoman works for several uses: a low-to-the-ground side table, easy small space storage, or a footstool. But as you can probably see from the photo, this ottoman is not super cushiony or large. So how did it land such high ratings and become a bestseller? For one, it's priced at under $15 but is still super functional and stylish. Reviewers say that it is stable, comfortable as a leg rest or even a chair for small children, and that it provides a decent amount of storage. 

You can buy the KJUGE from IKEA for just $12.99. 

Best unique design: GAMLEHULT ottoman

The GAMLEHULT ottoman is one of the most unique ottomans that IKEA offers. It has a nontraditional shape, provides openview storage, works well as a small side table, and is made from aesthetically-pleasing natural-toned wicker. However, while IKEA's website is filled with overwhelmingly positive reviews about the overall look and functionality of this piece, be wary of one factor. One reviewer notes, "Adorable but less practical than I expected. It hurts to put your bare feet on it, so keep that in mind. Aesthetically, it's so cute." 

The GAMLEHULT ottoman can be purchased from IKEA for $94.99. 

Best traditional style: ESSEBODA ottoman

Modern silhouettes can be great for many homes, but they're sometimes too sleek and look uninviting. The ESSEBODA offers a much more comfortable silhouette that would be a great place to kick up your feet or even take a seat. The curved, wooden legs are also a nice break from the more modern pin legs seen on so many other ottomans and offer a sturdiness to this stout piece. However, reviewers note that the ESSEBODA is larger than expected, so be sure to look at the measurements before purchasing. 

Buy the ESSEBODA ottoman from IKEA for either $299 or $349, depending on the color choice.

Best round shape: GRUNDSJÖ ottoman

The GRUNDSJÖ ottoman is a stunning cylindrical ottoman that works perfectly as a footstool, seat, or end table. We love the versatility, and the curved sides are ideal if you feel your home is overwhelmed with sharp edges and right angles. The GRUNDSJÖ comes in a few fabric swatches, mostly consisting of neutral shades in standard fabrics, but the standout is the emerald green velvet-esque option that one reviewer calls "magnificent." It's the perfect way to add a touch of glamor and luxury to any space. 

The GRUNDSJÖ ottoman can be purchased for either $189.99 or $219.99 from the IKEA website.

How we selected these ottomans

As this list shows, the term "ottoman" can mean a lot of different things: a side table, a seat or bench, a footrest, or a storage compartment. We wanted to show a wide selection of items so that anyone could find what they're looking for, no matter their criteria. That's why you'll find a variety of ottomans of all shapes and sizes on our list — some covered in fabric, others woven with wicker, and some with handy storage spaces. We also made sure to only include ottomans that had received a 4 to 5 star average rating on the IKEA website so each of our recommendations are backed by real-life customer reviews.