Hilary Farr Showcases The Perfect Material For A Stunning Mid-Century Front Door

Mid-century modern is a timeless and enduring style. So, it's no surprise that many people want to find a way to incorporate it into their homes. While the focus is often on mid-century interior design, the style also makes for interesting home exteriors. Front doors communicate the aesthetic of the home right from the beginning and are actually one of the best ways to increase your home's curb appeal. That's why Hilary Farr put tons of thought into the home's front door on Season 19, Episode 5 of HGTV's "Love It or List It," where she created a sleek and sexy front entranceway with a stunning black steel front door.

Mid-century modernism is known for its clean lines and geometric shapes for furniture and decor. It often juxtaposed natural materials like wood against modern substances like metal, and both were frequently used at the height of its trend as well as in contemporary recreations of the style. The choice Farr made for this home has these elements as well. Fashioned out of black steel, it has a contemporary modern appeal, but it also has influences of mid-century aesthetic with the sharp lines formed by the inlays and the narrow rectangular light on the side of the door. With that in mind, opting for a mid-century modern-inspired door is the perfect statement for a home's exterior.

Mix materials for a mid-century aesthetic

It was common to mix materials in the original mid-century aesthetic, as metal often was paired with wood and glass. So, it makes sense that Hilary Farr would choose a steel door for her clients' mid-century home in an episode of "Love It or List It." The hardness of steel contrasting with delicate glass for the front door perfectly embodies the aesthetic. The Cynex 6777 aluminum door, for example, is similar to what Farr chose for her design. Along with the combination of materials, it also has the streamlined, straight lines that characterize the iconic look. However, this isn't your only option with doors.

Mid-century modern also encouraged a connection with nature, so a double glass grid door like the Air 5 from Pinkys Iron Doors works well. This front door trend is ideal for letting light in and providing almost uninterrupted views of the outdoors. Of course, this may be more glass than most homeowners would prefer for their front door, so it can also be used as a back door. The same company likewise has coordinating windows called Air Window 1V 3H, which offer a similar effect. The small details, like the hardware, can help create a stunning mid-century focal point. Choose a material that contrasts with the color of the door — in the case of a black door, a shiny brass handle will make all the difference.

Infuse Mid-century into the exterior

The front door is just a part of a stunning mid-century exterior. Along with the black steel addition, Hilary Farr gave the overall exterior of the home a refresh. She removed the sloping roof of the carport to create a new open entry area. With stone stairs that walk up to the new front porch, the area is mid-century inspired while also having some contemporary appeal. The use of wood is one of the most major transformations for the exterior. Wood boards are wrapped around the pillars, creating a slatted horizontal fence, and they're also featured on the ceiling of the porch. The natural wood beautifully contrasts the black steel door and some of the black metal details. Using natural elements like wood is a great way to enhance your home's front porch and add more texture that creates visual interest to the front of the house.

The new porch also creates an elevation change and some asymmetry on the home's facade, which are both common in mid-century architecture. If you're considering an exterior renovation, adding a porch to one side of the house or a sloped roof should be on top of the list. These elements are also a good way to highlight a detail like the front door. Incorporate geometric details with exterior sconces like the Possini Euro Jericho and natural features like potted plants and landscaping to bring the mid-century design together.