Make A Dollar Tree Flower Pot Look Expensive With These Simple DIYs

Do you have champagne taste but a beer bank account? There are scores of budget-friendly ways to style your spaces, and now you can add trendy plant pots to the list. Decorative pots can set you back a pretty penny, but you can enjoy high-end designs for a fraction of the cost of the real deal. Nab some terracotta or plastic pots and crafting supplies from Dollar Tree, and within an afternoon you can create two expensive-looking planters for just a few dollars each.

Whip up a couple of upscale DIYs, starting with unique floral imprints on a terracotta pot using a sprig of lavender covered in chalk paint. For this, you'll need one terracotta flower pot, a flower or leaf that's not too fragile, chalkboard paint, and a paintbrush. Next, transform a plastic pot into an expensive-looking stone planter. You'll need one plastic pot, superglue, a piece of non-slip rug matting, white chalkboard paint, spackle, and a paintbrush. You'll also need to grab some sandpaper, rubbing alcohol, and a rag. With these ingredients plus a little bit of creativity, you'll have two enviable and gift-worthy flower pots in no time.

Create a floral-printed terracotta pot

With a warm, earthy color and breathable clay, terracotta pots are not only easy on the eyes, but also make for some of the best indoor containers you can use to help your plants thrive and grow. However, plain terracotta pots can seem a little raw, but there is an easy way to upgrade this classic into something more elegant. Terracotta takes paint well, and its rigid sides make it easier for textured effects to adhere to the pot.

To create a floral-printed terracotta planter, find a sturdy flower or leaf — such as a sprig of lavender — with a shape or texture that will transfer well to the side of your pot. Add paint to the plant piece, making sure to fill in any small crevices. Lightly blot the excess paint, press the piece firmly and evenly where you'd like your print, and carefully peel away the plant. Repeat the process around the pot as many times as you'd like. You can also opt to first paint the pot in a color of your choosing, let it dry, and then create your floral imprints using another color.

Transform a plastic pot into an expensive-looking planter

Plastic can look glaringly cheap, and sometimes it can be hard to make it appear otherwise. With a combination of some paint and textured trimming though, you can give your plastic pot a chic makeover that will make it look like an expensive planter.

If you've attempted to change the color of a plastic item, you know that not just every paint will stick. While you can try the dryer sheet hack to make painting plastic easier, you can also rough up the surface with sandpaper to give the paint something to hold on to. Then, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball or rag. You can also create "spackle paint," which is a 1:1 mix of spackle and chalk paint that bonds perfectly to plastic. 

Prep and paint your plastic pot with two coats of spackle paint in your color of choice.  Once it's dry, superglue a cut of non-slip rug matting from Dollar Tree around the circumference of the pot. Once the glue is dry, top it all with another coat of spackle paint lightly diluted with water for a hand-crafted look.