Glass Is The Design Trend Of The Year: How A Basic Material Was Given A Modern Twist

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Are you big on following interior design trends to keep your home filled with the most popular aesthetics? You might have heard whispers that glass — one of the most basic materials, which can be found throughout every dwelling – is making a big statement as one of 2024's most modern design elements. So how did the transparent solid that keeps the elements out in the form of windows and doors become trendy? The glass pieces that are filling homes with light and luxury range from oversized tables to small accessories that both brighten and elevate any space they reside in.

It's not surprising that glass has trended throughout history; for almost 2,000 years, people have used this material to enhance their structures beyond the need for simple glass panes. Glass brings airy, open, bright additions to a house, and using it to complement your designs will breathe more life into them.

Large glass pieces brighten and open a space

So how do you begin incorporating 2024's best material trend into your home? The good news is you don't have to drop a ton of money or redesign your space. Take a look around your dwelling and determine what areas could benefit the most from the brightening effect glass gives off. If you want to add a more dramatic piece, swapping out an existing dining room table for a large or oversized glass top (or all glass) one like this rectangular dining table on Amazon could be the best way to indulge without needing to change or alter too much anywhere else. When it comes to choosing chairs to accompany your table, try to find sleek, modern designs that keep the glass as a focal point. Simple rounded white seats will enhance the lightness brought in by the glass, while metal is a great pairing to this material, too.

Smaller glass tables can also create pockets of sophistication throughout a room. To showcase the actual material, keep decorations you place on top to a minimum to allow the polished finish to do the work rather than relying on knickknacks or accessories. You can even use glass bricks as a side table to stay on trend while adding a little fun flair to your space.

Small glass decorations can be just as trendy

Glass tables aren't the only option if you want to try this trend. Small glass lamps like this Macy's high cut glass table lamp are ideal for simple touches. Try placing glass lamps on side tables, bookshelves, or even mantles to display them, and let the clear designs shine. The perk of working with glass is that it doesn't overwhelm your other decorations. Are you a DIYer? Why not build a light with glass bottles?

Shelving is a clever way to introduce glass without overdoing it. The clear surface will produce the desired open effect without detracting from items placed on top of them. Need more space? Why not try something like this IKEA glass cabinet for stylish storage?

If you really want to get creative, you can even purchase items that come in colored glass to make your home pop. These can come in the form of bowls, vases, and trinket dishes, or even a colorful glass backsplash. Consider the room where you intend to place your colored glass so the shades work together and create a flow between all your different elements. Even just one glass addition is enough to bring forth the interior designer in you and show guests how "in the know" you are with the current home styles.