The Once-Popular Glass Chandelier That's Making An Elegant Comeback In Homes

Design trends are consistently coming back into style, whether those trends come from '80s decor or venture as far back as the 1700s. Murano glass is one of those old fads that has leveraged its way into the trend cycle for centuries. Modern-day Murano glass is often seen in elaborate chandeliers, making a statement in entryways across America — but it hasn't always been this way.

Murano glass was born on the island of Murano, which is in the city of Venice in Italy. Upon its discovery, it became an instant craze, known for its complex creation and gorgeous final result. You can often spot a Murano glass chandelier due its intricacies and designs, like flowers, fruits, and lots of color. At the end of the 1700s, the production of glass abruptly halted due to Napoleon's occupation of Murano, causing Murano glass products to fall off in popularity. When glass production began again in the mid-19th century, it quickly regained popularity, only to fall off again due to modern design preferences. But as we look to bring uniqueness back into our homes, the once-popular Murano glass chandelier has officially made yet another comeback.

How to incorporate a Murano glass chandelier into your home

No matter the style of your home, having the right light fixtures can do wonders for your design. The recent lighting trends we love include natural elements, organically shaped fixtures, and mixed metals. And while glass may have been reserved for our grandma's house in the past, it is coming back with a vengeance. And it's not just glass but colored glass, like Murano chandeliers, that are becoming staples in our homes. "We're seeing fixtures that are painted a color like red or blue for a fun and elegant accent," interior designer Sarah Stacey told Veranda. "I've also noticed a lot of Sicilian and Venetian design elements, such as colored Murano glass."

If you love the idea of making a statement, the best way to incorporate Murano glass is with a gorgeous chandelier. This type of glass comes in a ton of variety, whether you want to make a singular statement with a bold single-color chandelier, like the Red Murano Chandelier from Made Murano Glass, or keep things interesting with ornate designs, like the Mervagilia Green Murano Glass Chandelier from MuranoGlassItaly.

Other ways to use Murano glass in your home

While Murano glass is often seen when we look up, it is not just reserved for our ceilings. You can add Murano glass throughout your home, incorporating Murano glass floor lamps to add lighting to your living room decor — such as this funky Sancho Floor Lamp from MuranoNet — or opt for a table lamp that you can perch next to your couch or on your bedside table for a touch of beauty. You can also decorate your walls with sconces that will add not only light but a ton of personality to an otherwise blank space.

And Murano glass isn't just for lighting. You can find Murano glass mirrors, which will add a piece of art to your bedroom, or place Murano glass pots around your living spaces, which can be used as vases or as a centerpiece on your dining table. Murano glass items go through an extensive creation process, and with the use of minerals for color instead of paint, you can rest easy knowing your investment will last you a lifetime, regardless of where the trends are headed.