Useful Tips To Prevent Metal Patio Furniture From Getting Too Hot In The Sun

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Imagine it's a lovely summer afternoon and you take a seat on your wrought iron backyard bench. Minutes later, you're in the bathroom nursing a first-degree burn. Yikes! Metal is one of the most durable furniture materials for your patio, but it does come with a flaming-hot downside. The hardware easily heats up in the sun, leaving you with a surface better for cooking than lounging. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to shield and accessorize your patio furniture to prevent it from getting too hot in the sun, so it doesn't become a safety hazard.

Saving your furniture from excessive heat isn't the only reason you'll want to try these tips. Protecting the metal furniture from hours of direct sunlight can prevent the color from fading, especially if it is not coated in a UV-resistant stain. The beaming rays can also lead your outdoor decor to rust over time. Just like we can get too hot in the sun, so can your patio furniture, but there are simple ways to turn down the temperature.

Shield your metal furniture from the sun

Quite frankly, if you don't want your patio furniture getting too hot in the sun, it's best to keep it in the shade. That might be easier said than done as the giant star shines everywhere, but naturally shaded areas around trees, hedges, and exterior walls offer protection from the sun's rays, even if only slightly. If your backyard doesn't have enough natural shade, purchase structures like pergolas, awnings, and umbrellas that can shield the furniture from the heat. There are even ways you can DIY your own gazebo to customize your sun protection.

Another way to shade the metal pieces is with furniture covers. The fabric lining acts as a personal shield for your tables and chairs, stopping them from baking in the sun. Look for covers that specify they are UV-resistant, like these Lawn Patio Furniture Covers from Amazon. You can also dress tables in a tablecloth and pad couches with cushions, so there's a barrier between the sun's rays and the metal. Plus, the accessories double as ornaments to spice up your outdoor area. Even painting your metal furniture a new color can cool things down.

Give the metal a bright coat of paint

Whether your metal patio furniture is stainless steel, aluminum, or wrought iron, you should stay away from dark colors. The tinted shades absorb more heat than light-colored metals, meaning your furniture will get hotter faster. The cool industrial look of black or gunmetal gray is stylish, but it won't be cool to sit on. If you have dark-colored patio pieces, consider painting your outdoor furniture. The lighter the color, like stark white or soft gray, the less prone it will be to absorb heat, and the better it will be at reflecting the sunlight.

It also helps to use a textured paint or one with a flat or matte finish when brightening up the metal. These paints are better at redirecting heat than smooth or glossy finishes. You can add texture to your paint by mixing in sand or baking soda before brushing it on. Or use a sponge while the paint is still tacky to give it a popcorn effect. Remember, with these methods your metal furniture is still destined to heat up (it's just science), but the placement, paint, and accessories can slow down the process, so you can enjoy your outdoor space more comfortably.