15 DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects You Can Start Right Now

If you enjoy being outside, you have likely thought about purchasing outdoor furniture. Outdoor chairs, couches, benches, tables, and plant stands can elevate an outdoor space and make it much more inviting. However, you don't need to purchase outdoor furniture from the store. With moderate DIY ability, you can make just about anything you may desire. Making your own furniture will save you money, help you learn some new skills, and provide you with the exact furniture piece you need. DIY can also be a great way to spend time with family or friends – and many furniture projects will take you less than a weekend to finish.

Most outdoor furniture projects are made using wood. According to Sugar House Furniture, wood is a great material for outdoor furniture because it's durable, long-lasting, and requires minimal maintenance. Here are the best DIY outdoor furniture projects to give your yard a makeover.

1. Hanging porch swing

A hanging porch swing is a great addition to any outdoor area. This Old House explains how to build one. You'll need wood, a drill, a jigsaw, strong glue, screws, rope, and paint or a wood finish. The difficulty is moderate and the project should take about six hours. You can also add a comfortable cushion and some decorative pillows to your swing to really personalize it.

2. Bed frame bench

A great way to repurpose an old bed frame is to make it into a decorative bench. As described by H2O Bungalow, you'll need some simple hand tools plus a headboard and a footboard, brackets, and caulk. The headboard and footboard could be made out of just about any material, including wood to metal. This bench would look great on a porch or in a garden.

3. Pallet bench

An outdoor bench could also be made from pallets. You'll need half and quarter-sized pallets, wooden boards, screws, wood stain, and a hammer and nails to complete this project. Remodelaholic describes the process in detail. The total cost will be approximately $120 for all the materials, and the process is pretty simple. This bench would be a great addition to any outdoor space. 

4. Pallet table

You could also make a coffee table out of pallets. Upcycle This DIY That gives step-by-step instructions on how to complete this fun weekend project. You can need one full-sized palette for this project, which will be cut in half and stacked to make a rectangle coffee table. Other designs, like the one pictured above, stack two pallets on top of one another, for a square table. 

5. Ladder shelf

Ana White shares her steps to making a ladder shelf. This project is perfect for styling plants or other outdoor decorations and would really complete a patio or deck outdoor furniture setup. It's a relatively simple process to cut and assemble the wood boards to create the perfect ladder shelf. Her shelves have sides, to better hold your décor items. 

6. Wooden patio chair

If you're looking to build a chic outdoor wooden chair, you could follow Angela Marie Made's printable plans. You'll need wood boards, screws, nails, wood glue, wood filler, wood stain, and outdoor chair cushions. You'll also need a Kreg jig, a miter saw, a drill, a brad nailer, clamps, and a tape measure. Because this project requires quite a lot of tools, it may be best tackled by an experienced DIYer. 

7. Woven lawn chair

For a more playful lawn chair, you could weave one out of macrame. DIY Projects shows how to upcycle an old lawn chair. You'll need a metal lawn chair frame, a macrame craft cord, crochet hooks, scissors, a lighter, and the desired pattern plan. However, macrame won't last as long as wood, so keeping this chair out of harsh elements will maintain its quality. 

8. Hanging woven chair

You could also weave a boho hanging macrame chair. Classy Clutter says that this chair is not the easiest to make — but if you're good at weaving and are up for a DIY challenge, the results will be so worth it. Start with the frame of a circle chair and add a hula hoop for more support. This chair will not be as durable as a wooden chair, so placing it under a covered porch might be the best place.

9. Hammock stand

If you've been wanting to add a hammock to your outdoor space but don't have trees to hang it in, why not build a hammock stand. Kelly Leigh Creates builds a wooden hammock stand from a few simple materials. The tutorial is simple, easy to follow, and should only cost you about $40. She recommends getting your friends and family involved to help you with this perfect DIY weekend project. 

10. Umbrella table

Family Handyman shows how to build an umbrella table that's perfect for sitting by the pool or on the deck. This project requires intermediate skills and will take you a weekend to complete. If you decide to follow the tutorial, you'll be making a cone-shaped base with a square attachable top, complete with a hole for the umbrella. 

11. Dining table

Eating outside with the whole family can create fun summer memories. If this is the case for your family, you may want to build an outdoor dining table. Cherished Bliss shows how to create a large, stunning wooden outdoor table you can fit your whole family around. The design features unique X-shaped legs and a herringbone top, which looks amazing but will require above-average DIY skills.

12. Wooden arbor

A great way to add visual depth to your yard or garden is with an arbor. This simple wooden arbor by BHG is cheap to make and pretty easy to build. The plan calls for a flat top, but you could also create an arbor with a rounded top, as pictured. You could also place plants that grow upwards around the trellis. 

13. Wall divider

Some people decide to add wall dividers to their yards or porches. This could be done for a number of reasons, including wanting privacy from neighbors or wanting to divide up an outdoor space. H2O Bungalow describes how to create one with composite deck boards or pressure-treated wood. Both these materials are somewhat expensive, however, they are durable and would last through harsh weather. 

14. Wooden couch

To make your outdoor space cozier, you could add an outdoor couch. Nick and Alicia provide plans for a beautiful wooden outdoor couch, complete with a small rectangle coffee table. The design is simple and modern, with sharp edges and clean lines. They built their couch with cedar boards, which are naturally weather-resistant. To complete the look, all you'll need to do is add some cozy cushions.

15. Lounge chair

If you enjoy laying out in the sun, a lounge chair would be a perfect addition to your outdoor space. Shanty 2 Chic describes how to build one in detailed and easy to follow steps, complete with lots of pictures. This project is super budget-friendly too — it should cost you under $100. These chairs would look great on a patio or next to a pool.