The Top 3 Highest-Rated Milwaukee Lighting Tools To Illuminate Your Workspace

When you need to do DIY projects, you need the right tools. You often need the right lighting, too, as the correct cordless work light can help simplify household repairs. Even when you are working during the day, you might find yourself laboring in dark spaces, such as inside a crawlspace or if you're framing out an unfinished basement

If you're a fan of having Milwaukee-branded tools in your toolbox, you may want your worksite lighting to match the trademark red color of the Milwaukee brand as well. We did some research to find the highest-rated Milwaukee-branded lighting sources to use when working in dark spaces at your home. Based on customer reviews, our three picks are the M12 Rocket Tower Light, the M12 Rover Magnetic Flood Light, and the M18 Rover Flood Light.

For big jobs, the M12 Rocket Tower Light is a customer favorite, drawing a 4.5-star rating on the Milwaukee website. It costs $199 at Home Depot for the light only, but you can buy the M12 battery pack and charger separately at Home Depot for $79. You also can borrow M12 batteries from other Milwaukee power tools. The Rocket Tower ranges from 31 to 68 inches in height with a rotating, 1,400-lumens LED on top, allowing you to direct light in almost any direction. We like its versatility for working close to the ground or near the ceiling. It's collapsible, making it easy to carry into tight spaces.

Milwaukee flood lights bring focused light to your workspace

For more focused lighting options, the Milwaukee M18 Rover Flood Light is a very popular selection. It has a 4.8-star rating on the Milwaukee website. It costs $149 on the Home Depot website without a battery. You also can run it plugged into a 120V extension cord if you have a long day of work planned and don't want to rely on the battery. It delivers an impressive 4,000 lumens of light. The head rotates 120 degrees, so you can illuminate the precise area you need to be able to see while working, or you can flood a larger area with plenty of light. Its compact case measures roughly 10 inches in height and width and 9 inches in length, making it easy to carry anywhere.

For precisely directed lighting that you can use hands-free, we like the M12 Rover Service Flood Light, which has a 4.5-star rating on the Milwaukee website. We really appreciate the price of $79 for only the light at Home Depot. This is a small unit with 700 lumens of light and a 120-degree rotating head. When you want to work hands-free, just use the magnetic strip on the case to attach it to a nearby piece of metal, like an I-beam or a heavy-duty tool box. The case also has a keyhole, so you can hang it on non-metallic surface spaces.