Keep Your Makita Power Tools Working Their Best With These Maintenance Tips

Makita is a favorite brand of builders, contractors, and DIYers for many reasons. Its heavy-duty power tools hold up to lots of work, and its customer service is exemplary. No matter how tough Makita pieces are, taking proper care of them to ensure a long life is key. Even with budget-friendly Makita tools, you'll want to protect your investment. Following a few maintenance tips here will keep your drills, saws, and more running smoothly from project to project.

There are certain things to watch out for as you use your tools that could compromise their longevity. Knowing how to clean their intricate pieces can be a concern, and how and where to store your devices can pose challenges. Also, Makita has built a reputation for helping customers maintain their tools for long after purchasing them. By using Makita tools with care, cleaning them regularly, storing them safely, and taking advantage of the company's consumer resources, you will get many years of use out of these practical items.

During and after using your Makita tools

Makita sells some of the best power tools you can buy, but the right kind of care is essential for even highly ranked products. Pay attention to cues as you use your equipment. Don't allow gadgets to get too hot, as that can burn out their motors as well as the batteries. Notice if moving pieces seem finicky, and if they aren't performing the way they normally do. Occasionally, you'll need to lubricate any moving parts and sharpen saw blades.

Clean your equipment frequently, depending on how often you use it. To do this, you'll need a compressed air duster, a cloth, some all-purpose cleaner, and a cleaning brush for heavy dirt. Start safely by unplugging corded tools and removing battery packs from cordless ones. Also take off any removable pieces like drill bits or saw blades. Use compressed air to get rid of loose dust and dirt. With a cloth and an even mixture of water and cleaning solution, wipe down surfaces of the piece as well as any removable parts. If your device or its individual parts have caked-on dirt, scrub at the spots with a brush. Let the separate pieces dry before you reassemble them.

Store your tools in a clean and dry location out of the reach of children with this DIY hanging tool storage solution. Keeping tools in a case is a good choice when you're not using them. This protects the machine from dirt and damage.

Take advantage of Makita's customer service

Right as you take your new toy out of the box, create an account at the Makita website. Here, you can register your tools using their model and serial numbers. Makita will only use your information for its own communication purposes, and you don't have to register in order to have a valid warranty. By doing this, you will get prompt news about any recalls and other product-related updates.

Makita's website is a treasure trove of information, from tips on getting the most life out of your batteries to ordering replacement parts. No matter how tough these inventions are, sometimes you might have to repair your power tools. Makita has factory service centers where you can drop off tools for repair, and you can search for service centers near you that are equipped to bring your Makita up to speed. Don't fret if you don't live in a service area. You can ship your tools to a service center for maintenance from many FedEx locations, and shipping is free in most cases.