Give Water-Damaged Kitchen Cabinets New Life With An Easy IKEA DIY

When preparing food and handling liquids in a kitchen, spills and messes are sometimes inevitable. As a result, you might be left with water-damaged kitchen cabinets. This can ruin the visual appeal of your kitchen. Cabinet repairs are often expensive, so you may not be able to have the water damage professionally removed as soon as you would like. Rather than paying a company to complete the repair, consider using the IKEA ENHET cabinet doors and drawer fronts to replace damaged pieces.

Take measurements of your damaged cabinet door or drawer front to determine which IKEA ENHET piece would be a good fit. After you have purchased the piece you need, you can remove your old water-damaged door or drawer front and attach the new one. This DIY kitchen cabinet fix is simple and should help you avoid spending money on a pricey professional repair. There are quite a few different pieces in the IKEA ENHET to choose from, leaving you with many options to hopefully fit the size of the affected kitchen cabinet.

Use the IKEA ENHET line to replace your cabinet doors

The IKEA ENHET cabinet doors can easily be installed to replace water damaged pieces. Although they come in a wide variety of sizes, they are all budget-friendly. The 12x15-inch doors, for example, are priced at $21. The 18x50-inch door is $35. All options come in either a white, gray, or oak color. If you do decide to purchase one of these pieces, keep in mind that you will need to purchase knobs or handles separately. If your cabinet hardware is still salvageable, you can reuse it. Hinge placement is another factor to make note of when installing these new doors. You may need to relocate the hinges on your existing cabinets so that they align with the placement of the hinges on your IKEA ENHET cabinet doors.

If your cabinet doors are super outdated, you might even choose to do a complete refresh. Using IKEA ENHET pieces is the perfect way to update your kitchen without removing all of your cabinets and replacing them with new ones. A full cabinet remodel costs about $8,200 on average, per Forbes. Regardless of whether you are only replacing a few water damaged doors or switching out all of your old doors, the IKEA ENHET is far more affordable way to get your kitchen cabinets looking as good as new again. 

Avoid water damage after replacing your cabinet doors

After you replace your old water damaged cabinet doors, you will likely want to avoid future damage. It should be pretty simple to maintain the quality of your cabinets moving forward. Spills and splashes can pose a threat to the material. This is a common way cabinets are damaged. Although these accidents are not entirely avoidable, you can prevent them from causing harm by simply wiping any liquid off of your cabinets with a dry cloth as soon as possible. This will stop it from seeping in and causing mold, mildew, or peeling. 

Leaks are another common cause of cabinet water damage. To combat this, check the plumbing under your sink so you can address any water that might be making its way onto your cabinets. You might need to call a professional if you're dealing with a more complex plumbing issue. This way, you can avoid continuous water damage caused by leaks.