The Gorgeous Front Door Paint Color That Pops Alongside Red Brick Exteriors

When it comes to homes with red brick exteriors, picking a door color can be a tricky task. Something too bold could end up making things look over the top, while anything too low-key might result in a very boring exterior. Enter the solution: Shades of gray, and even navy with gray undertones, pair beautifully with red brick — and you can achieve something bold or pared-back with either.

Let's start with the more subtle option. Sherwin-Williams' Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, previously told House Digest that when it comes to front door colors for red brick exteriors, grays are a great bet as they create a sense of balance with the bricks' hue. Depending on the effect you want to create, you can opt for something cool, warm, or more neutral. Wadden's pick for cool was SW 7076 Cyberspace, while for neutral, she recommended SW 7674 Peppercorn, and for warm, her top choice was SW 7048 Urbane Bronze. Not sure which you'd prefer? Simply order a sample of each and try them out. Sherwin-Williams offers small sample sizes for just under $8 per color.

Of course, if you're partial to something bolder, you could also consider deeper charcoal hues. Again, these are available in both warm and cool shades. Wadden recommended the browner SW 7675 Sealskin for the former and SW 7069 Iron Ore for the latter.

Gray-tinged navy doors will pop against red brick

Not a fan of gray doors? You could try something more colorful and go with navy blue. Like gray, blues are known to be a great complementary color when featured against any kind of red, and as you'll have seen if you've browsed through Pinterest, it can make a major impact while providing a classic touch.

In her recommendations to House Digest, Sue Wadden suggested SW 6244 Naval, though if you're open to trying something even bolder, we'd recommend checking out the brand's SW 9178 In the Navy. Alternatively, if you'd prefer something toned down and a little safer, SW 2739 Charcoal Blue is a good choice, too. That said, if you're on the fence, as with the gray picks, Sherwin-Williams offers these in sample sizes, too, so you can always order some of those and play around with the different shades. Who knows? You may end up loving the bold SW Naval 6244, even if you'd always thought your style was firmly on the neutral side. Worried about costs? Instead of buying samples, simply upload a picture of your home's exterior to Sherwin-Williams' website to see your own front door in everything from gray to navy.

Depending on the type and sheen of the exterior paint you're planning on using, each of the mentioned colors is available on Sherwin-Williams' website. Prices start at around $43 per gallon but go up to around $94 per gallon depending on what type of paint you choose. Happy painting!