Latte Luxury: Here's How To Nail The Emerging Moody Design Trend

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If you like your home interior like you like your coffee — rich and luxurious — or you love cafécore in general, then you're going to love the latte aesthetic that is taking the interior design world by storm. This trend is all about incorporating smooth, light-brown palettes into your home, creating a vibe that is just as tasty as that first sip of Joe in the morning. Even if you're not a coffee drinker, it's hard to deny that these hues imbue a space with a sophisticated, warm elegance. 

The best part is that you don't have to love coffee to enjoy the aesthetic. Because brown is a neutral, it will suit any home and can easily be shifted to match different color palettes down the line. Incorporating textiles, fabrics, and accessories in varying shades of latte brown accented with cream or complementary shades, you can nail this trend in any room.

This moody trend is sure to inspire anyone who loves cozy, intimate vibes with a bright finish, and you can channel it however you want. If you're considering doing a whole room in latte-style colors, look at varying your brown shades and adding a lot of milky tones to add a little dimension. Think of frothy, delicious lattes with a light layer of foam on top, the liquid swirling deliciously to make that appetizing brown. Find pieces that represent both espresso and milk, letting the colors flow together for a flawless finish.

Luxurious, bright browns nail this trend

For this trend, you might want to look at upgrading or adding furniture that comes in latte shades. Since your furniture is often the focal point of a room, featuring pieces in this luxurious shade will really create the centerpiece of your interior. Options like this Homelegance Lewes Latte Sofa from Furnikoure will bring that coffee-inspired essence into your space, and since the color is so universal, it won't affect your decor scheme if you choose to shift or add in other colors.

The perk of embracing the latte aesthetic is that wood can come into play, too. The natural browns found in species like American hard maple or American white oak can be incorporated to add texture and variation while staying on trend with the color palette. Seek out stains or finishes that blend the soft brown seamlessly. Use wood in side tables, coffee tables, shelving, stools, benches, and cabinetry. Think of Scandi-inspired woods to add brightness to the latte shades throughout your space.

Don't forget textures and lighting

Because this theme is all about cozy, intimate atmospheres, textiles like latte-colored rugs and throws will enhance softness. Find pillows in varying shades of brown to add dimension and depth and avoid a monochromatic result. Choosing drapes in a rich brown, like the Lazzy Velvet Blackout Curtains from Amazon, will contribute to the rich atmosphere. The slightly yellow tinge introduces another level with the thick, buttery fabric and brighter shade. 

The bigger and bolder the textures in the room, the more you will find you're pulling the aesthetic from basic brown to lavish luxury. Don't forget to add in neutrals like cream to offset the latte shades and allow you to build on the decor if you want to shift to other aesthetics.

Lighting is important for this aesthetic because the wrong illumination can throw off the colors. Harsh white light will cast the browns into a more washed-out shade, and rather than producing a welcoming ambiance, it could leave the space feeling cold. Use warm bulbs, as this type of lighting is the key to a cozier room. Add lamps for a "coffee shop" feel. While bulbs are important, your lamp shade also makes a big difference to the lighting. Rather than opting for a dark or medium-brown lampshade, look to brighten your latte interior with tan, beige, or cream-colored shades. Think of the layer of foam mentioned earlier, using this lighter hue as a complementary balance.