DIY Comfy Summer Patio Furniture With This Creative Pool Noodle Hack

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Summer furniture is a must-have for any space. It not only adds a rich vibrancy thanks to fun patterns that scream "summertime," but it also offers up additional seating for backyard barbecues. If you're considering buying the perfect outdoor furniture, you might find that store-bought furniture lacks the satisfaction of creating something yourself. There's also the added benefit of saving money on a DIY project. Luckily, TikToker @hometalk has the perfect solution — DIY your own summer furniture with pool noodles! You just need fabric that complements your personal style, several pool noodles, plywood, and metal bench legs. You also need one of the tools every homeowner should have: a staple gun. With a little patience and some creativity, you'll have a custom summertime bench that's perfect for your next party. 

If you don't have pool noodles handy, you can easily buy them at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. You also need to purchase a piece of plywood. A good size to aim for is between 42 and 60 inches long, as this is an average size for a bench. It should also be ¾-inch thick to function as a seat. If you have an old piece of plywood that fits these measurements, consider repurposing it for this project. Next, find the perfect fabric for this project. Although you can look for patterns that are distinctively summer, you can also opt for neutral colors that allow these benches to transition into other seasons without disrupting your decor. 

Create your furniture

Head to a fabric store like Joann to pick out your fabric. Be sure to measure twice and cut once, as the adage goes, keeping in mind that your pool noodles will cushion your plywood, adding to your bench's depth. If you want to upcycle items in your home, consider using an old tablecloth or blanket for this project. You could even sew several different fabrics together for a patchwork type of look. 

After you have all your materials, cut your pool noodles in half lengthwise with scissors or a utility knife. Then cut them to fit your plywood. Take your piece of plywood and attach a row of pool noodles using a staple gun. Next, take your fabric and cover your makeshift cushion. Secure everything in place, pulling the fabric taut and stapling it to your plywood on the underside of your bench. This keeps everything looking neat and prevents staples from snagging the person sitting on your bench. 

Once the top of your summertime DIY bench is complete, it's time to install metal legs. You can get a four-pack of 18-inch metal table legs on Amazon for $31, although there are shorter options available. If you wanted to alter this hack to create an ottoman, you could use 10-inch legs. Once the legs are installed, place your unique piece of patio furniture outside and enjoy it all summer long!