Ryobi Tools That'll Come In Handy During Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can be a fun project to envision. Whether you have one or 100 ideas for your kitchen remodel, you can "see" your ideal kitchen in no time. However, when it comes to doing the actual work, though, ideas can only get you so far. You need the right power tools for a kitchen remodel to make your dreams a reality.

If you're shopping for tools for the project, you can trust the Ryobi-branded power tools for home improvement jobs, including the kitchen. Ryobi, which is the Home Depot retail brand, offers good value for the DIY-er who probably doesn't use power tools on a daily basis. Best of all, they run on batteries, which means you can use them anywhere and at any time, even when you have to turn off the power for your kitchen remodel.

Certain power tools will work better than others when you're working on your DIY project. We put together a list of the five best Ryobi power tools to count on when you are planning a kitchen renovation, including a power drill, circular saw, oscillating multi-tool, power sander, and brad nailer. As an added benefit, you can share the Ryobi 18V batteries among each of these five power tools, giving you an even greater value in your purchase.

Start with the basics: A Ryobi power drill

Nearly any home improvement product needs a power drill. It simplifies the process of remodeling your kitchen by allowing you to drill holes, install screws, and perform similar tasks. If you're drilling into the wall to hang cabinets or drilling into cabinet doors to add hardware, the power drill gives you this capability. The 18V Ryobi 1/2-Inch Drill and Driver Kit (model number PCL206K1) is the best choice, as it delivers great value with plenty of power for the typical DIY job. You can purchase it for $79 at Home Depot and it comes with a battery and charger.

It has a 24-position clutch and a 1/2-inch keyless ratcheting chuck, which helps when using it on different jobs. It includes an on-board LED, so you can illuminate any dark locations where you're working during the kitchen remodel. It can handle up to 1,750 RPM for your drilling projects.

Make cutting wood a breeze with a Ryobi circular saw

Whether you're cutting baseboards or installing a frame to hang your kitchen cabinets during the kitchen renovation, a circular power saw makes the job go significantly faster than doing it by hand. You can pick up the 18V Ryobi Compact 6.5-Inch Circular Saw (model number PSBCS01B) for about $119 for the tool only with no battery at Home Depot. (It shares the same 18V battery as the other Ryobi tools on our list, or you can buy extra batteries separately.)

Ryobi manufactures this circular saw about 25% lighter than some of its other saws, which can be helpful in the middle of a long kitchen remodeling project, letting you work for longer with less fatigue. It can make cuts up to 2.25 inches in depth, so it should handle nearly any wood-cutting project you need to do during your kitchen renovation. It operates at speeds up to 4,900 RPM, which is going to be fast enough to deliver cuts with minimal damage and splintering. Pair the saw with a higher tooth count in the saw blade for the best results.

Do it all with the Ryobi multi-tool

If you're doing demolition as part of your kitchen remodeling project, having the Ryobi 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool (model number PCL430B) gives you the versatility you need. You'll pay about $79 at Home Depot for the tool only without the battery or charger. An oscillating multi-tool works for shearing metal pipes or nails, making plunge cuts in wood, or cutting out drywall. It even works for scraping old glue off the floor or countertop during the demolition process.

The Ryobi oscillating tool can deliver speeds up to 20,000 oscillations per minute, making it powerful enough for even extremely difficult jobs during the kitchen remodel. Yet, it delivers fewer vibrations while you work than similar models, which reduces arm fatigue. It ships with a few different blades for performing different kinds of work, or you can purchase other blades separately for specific jobs. This Ryobi tool includes a built-in LED that illuminates dark corners of the kitchen as you are working, which is especially helpful for a remodeling project.

Make your kitchen remodeling project go smoother with a Ryobi power sander

As you start to put the finishing touches on the kitchen renovation project, a power sander is a tool you'll want to have on hand. You can use it for tasks like sanding cabinet doors, butcher block countertops, and tabletops. You could choose to sand everything by hand, but it'll take a lot longer and you may have sore, tired arms by the end. Ryobi's 18V 1/4 Sheet Sander (model number PCL401K1) is available for about $119 at Home Depot with a battery and charger.

This is a comfortable power sander, which is important because you can end up with arm fatigue from the significant vibrations these power tools generate. It has several grip zones and a rocker switch, so you can change your grip when you start to feel some fatigue. It makes more than 14,000 orbits per minute, which allows for a faster removal of unwanted material. It also has a dust collection bag, which is helpful in keeping the mess to a minimum.

Nail your kitchen remodeling project with the Ryobi brad nailer

If you are looking to do some finishing work in your kitchen remodeling project, such as for baseboards or trim work, using brad nails delivers a clean finish with a small hole for the nail head, especially with thinner cuts of wood. Driving brad nails by hand is a frustrating process that may lead to splitting the wood. The 18V Ryobi 18-Gauge AirStrike Brad Nailer (model number P321) is available for about $109 at Home Depot for the tool without a battery or charger.

The Ryobi brad nailer includes its AccuDrive nose, which makes it far easier to see the exact position of the nailer, even when working in darker corners during a kitchen renovation. It has a depth of drive adjustment, so you can set the nail head properly each time. One-handed operation is possible with this tool, as it has a well-balanced design, even with the battery attached.