This Is Easily The Best Paint To Use On Metal Doors

Metal doors are meant to take dings. They're commonly used in garages or other heavy-use areas but can also be practical for front doors. As such, their paint should match the durability of metal. As a homeowner, you want a durable coating to protect every surface for the long haul. Oil-based enamel paints are up to the job of guarding your metal doors against damage. These tough-as-nails tints will stand up to lots of stains, scuffs, and scratches, and prevent rust while holding on to a glossy finish. With the right application, your newly painted metal door won't need much more than a wipe-down for years to come. These tough paints may even help you decide on metal as a durable material for a long-lasting front door.

According to painting experts, community forums, and product reviews, oil-based enamel paints receive the most praise and recommendations over other options. There are also some drawbacks to these paints that you have to take into consideration before deciding on this type of product. But, if they're the right fit for your home, you're likely to be as pleased with the results.

Why oil-based enamel paints are best for metal doors

Metal doors can be one of the easiest ways to make your home more secure. They add curb appeal and insulate much better than other doors, but they also tend to cost more.  These facts are also reasons to protect your investment with the best paint possible to give your door a long life.

Experts specifically recommend oil-based enamel paints over other oil-based paints for a convincing collection of reasons. The quality of finish is the biggest reason to spring for some oil-based enamel paint. These paints go on smoothly with few or no brush marks, and colors stay vibrant over time. Most importantly, your metal door will be protected from rust and corrosion if you cover them with these water-resistant paints.  Oil-based enamel paints are also heat-resistant, possibly helping you cut down slightly on heating and cooling costs and keep your home more comfortable.

Things to consider before purchasing this paint

With superior durability comes some downsides. Oil-based enamel paints aren't as easy to clean up as water-based paints, and it's far from the best paint finish for interior doors because of the fumes it gives off. To clean up after using oil-based enamels, you'll need mineral spirits or paint thinner. However, there are durable water-based enamel paints that won't bring as many toxins into your home and clean up with just soap and water.

Because oil-based enamel paints are thicker than water-based paints, they are slow to dry and cure. You'll have to avoid contact with drying surfaces for as little as 6 hours up to as much as a week, depending on temperature and humidity in your area. In addition, unlike water-based enamel paints, oil-based ones must be completely dry before adding another coat. For your own home, these factors might make water-based enamel paints rather than oil-based ones a more practical option. 

Keep in mind that with higher-performing products, they often come with higher prices. Oil-based enamel paints are nearly twice as expensive as latex paints, but a longer-lasting finish may make up for a higher initial cost.