The Property Brothers Bold Design Tip That Will Elevate Your Front Door

It's well known advice that you should invest in your home's front facade. It acts as a first impression and serves as the only aspect of your house that the world gets to see. For many homeowners, focusing on the front door is an easy way to give the facade a boost. After all, there are many types of exterior doors to amp up curb appeal and a world of paint colors to make it a stand-out feature. However, on the finale of the HGTV competition show "Brother vs. Brother," where twins Jonathan and Drew Scott renovate two separate homes to see who can sell for the highest price, Drew Scott paints the home a crisp shade of white and adds tiles to the front of the stairs leading to the entry, both of which complement the newly painted light blue front door.

The updates add color and visual interest to the facade, but also help draw the eye to the front door. Scott painted the home's original door a bright robin's egg blue, which already creates a focal point for the exterior. The white cladding on the exterior of the house is simple and contemporary, so it won't draw away from the door, which is the key feature. However, to prevent the home from looking flat, Scott added the white and yellow checkerboard tile to the front of the stairs, giving the home some texture and character that creates a colorful entryway vignette with the door as the center.

Use tiles for visual interest

Drew Scott wanted to add an extra detail that would make the home's exterior stand out from the others on the block. He opted to tile the front stairs, creating a unique accenting feature. "I want the first steps up to the house to be a wow factor," Scott says in Season 8, Episode 6 of "Brother vs. Brother." In his design, he uses two types of tile for the stairs. A monochrome with a geometric triangle pattern and a solid yellow tile. "[T]he door color and this yellow don't quite go together . . . but having it transition to it will look like a purposeful design." Placing them right next to each other can be a little too much color and overwhelm the exterior. But using neutrals places a buffer between the two vibrant shades and also creates the perfect color palette for a coastal home

While the neutral-colored geometric tiles on the tops of the stairs aren't immediately visible, they're revealed as you walk towards the door, adding to the wow factor. However, you can also swap these placements for an even bolder design. Patterned tile on the front of the stairs would add more visual interest and create a more playful design. Opt for a simple repeated pattern that will help add movement tp the front facade. Tiled stairs make the entire entryway a standout design, highlighting the stunning front door with eye-catching color and patterns.

How to choose tile for exterior stairs

Tiling the stairs leading to your house is a unique way of adding color and pattern to your home's exterior and a way to highlight the front door. It's a project most homeowners could undertake on their own, but it's also important to know the different types of tiles you can use outdoors. It's important to use the right material, especially on exterior stairs, for safety. You want to look for tiles that won't be slippery, especially when wet. It's also important to choose a tile that will be able to stand up to the elements, so the tiles won't crack or chip from heat, water, or humidity. You can also add a coating to add a rough texture that can make a tile non-slip.

Porcelain is one of the best materials for this because it has some natural surface texture and is also one of the most durable options. However, many natural stone tiles and pavers made for the outside will have a honed finish that provides texture that makes them less slippery. Cement tiles are also a good option since they have natural grip along with durability. As for the accent tiles on the front of the stairs, there is a little more flexibility there. For this, the main concern is durability since you won't have to step directly on the stairs. Tiled stairs whether using solid or patterned tile will always create a statement feature that elevates an exterior.