Nate Berkus Shares A Stunning Mixed-Material Shower Design You'll Want To Recreate

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Renovating a bathroom and creating a design that is alluring and befitting of your personal aesthetic doesn't have to be hard. There's plenty of inspiration out there to pull from to create the bathroom of your dreams, including the stunning mix-material shower design HGTV's Nate Berkus posted on his Instagram. This beautiful shower is designed with dramatic black marble around the entrance's trim, in the shelves of the cove, and on the floor in a square mosaic pattern. White, distressed ceramic tile in a crosshatch pattern is seen throughout the rest of the shower.

The design and color of these different materials are great options for those who are seeking to renovate a bathroom with a modern, contemporary, or minimalist design. It creates plenty of interest without overwhelming the space and can easily be complemented with simple paint colors, like an off-white shade, or a more interesting hue, like a deep blue. If this design speaks to you, there are luckily several ways to get the look.

How to get the look

Those who want a look similar to that of Nate Berkus's design idea need to choose interesting materials in simple colors and install them in the right place. For example, the Nuovocorso slab from Encore Surfaces features beautiful warm veining with an off-white background. Although the pattern is stunning, installing large portions of it throughout the shower will quickly overwhelm the space. So, like Berkus, pick a few areas in the shower, like the floor, trim, or cove, to install this material to create interest in the design.

Then, to create complementary contrast, select something simple, but with slight texture, and of a different material, like the dimensional porcelain ivory fish-scale tile from Encore Surfaces, and install it in the rest of the shower. Alone, these materials would be too overwhelming or boring, but together, they create contrast, interest, and harmony. In such a serene environment, you'll never want to leave your shower.

Don't forget the small details

Once you've chosen the materials for your shower, it's time to select the hardware. Nate Berkus decided to maintain a consistent black and white design by choosing a black, matte shower head, handle, and a glass shower door with black framing. So, depending on the colors of the materials you choose, it may be wise to avoid straying away from that combo. For example, if you choose a dark brown marble and pair it with a white ceramic tile, it would be best to choose dark brown hardware, like the SparkPod Shower Head from Amazon.

For paint, also keep it simple like Berkus by selecting a color that does not distract from the mixed-material combination you've chosen for the shower, but matches the undertone. If you've chosen tile with a warm undertone, a paint color like Whitetail from Sherwin Williams is something that will complement the colors while introducing brightness and balance to the space.