HGTV's Nate Berkus Proves One Stunning Bathroom Flooring Trend Is Here To Stay

In the world of bathroom floor trends, we have seen neutral tones, terrazzo, and large-format patterned tiles become more popular in recent times. These are common designs that have always been around, but they seem to be resurfacing as people desire to add more texture and pattern to communicate their personality, bigger-sized tiles to make a room feel larger, and simple colors to create a calm environment. One such popular floor pattern, especially when paired with neutral tones, is Nate Berkus-approved as well: the checkerboard pattern.

Checkerboard floor tiles might remind you of an old house you used to see back in the day. In fact, this feature might have even been your own home. However, while popular in America in the 20th century, this pattern has become a classic that persists in modern interior design. HGTV's Nate Berkus has previously said he'll never get tired of checkerboard flooring, and a recent project of his proves that this trendy pattern style is here to stay. "This bathroom from our #NateBerkusAssociates desert project is full of thoughtful details from floor to ceiling," he says on an Instagram post showing off alternating brown and cream tiles. So, if you've wondered whether checkerboard flooring is back in style, we are happy to inform you that it is, and it can be flexible enough to fit into your home's design. Discover how Berkus used this flooring in a bathroom and how you could do the same in your own house.

The checkerboard tile floor pattern

Checkerboard floors are usually paired with plain accents so the flooring really shines, but the bathroom design that HGTV's Nate Berkus was able to create shows that this doesn't always have to be the case. Instead, this flooring pattern can play well with other bold statements. One of the best ways to decorate with checkerboard tile floors is by adding color, but Berkus went above and beyond by also adding texture. The brown and cream tiles have different levels of texture that are reminiscent of classic checkerboard floors where the tiles had a rough surface or marble veining. Instead of just block colors, the tiles are brought to life, which makes the floor one of the focal points of the bathroom.

Some other elements Berkus adds to the bathroom include zellige tiles on the shower wall, a dramatic plant on the vanity, an Italian bronze mirror and sconces, and a marble countertop with strong, dark veining. A dramatic marble material is also used for the shower step, which demarcates it from the rest of the bathroom. The checkerboard tiles and other materials work well together because every item offers different colors, textures, and dimensions without any one of them overpowering the design. They all offer roughly the same level of visual interest, showing that checkerboard floors can work whether you want to use them as the star of the bathroom or just as another element in a dynamic space.