Breathe New Life Into An Old Clothing Rack With TikTok's Chic Plant Station DIY

If you're looking for an affordable, modern DIY plant stand that's also eco-friendly, this clever hack is for you. According to TikToker @redeux_style, you can create a custom plant stand for indoor or outdoor use with something you may already have in your house — a clothes rack typically used for extra closet storage. Best of all, you don't have to spend any money if it's something you already own, which means you can repurpose old items, preventing them from entering landfills. Even if you don't have an old clothing rack, you can head to a local retail store and see if they have any they're willing to part with. Although the video features a rectangular-shaped clothing rack with straight lines, you could easily customize this project by using a round plant stand. 

With just some spray paint and a little ingenuity, you can have a bespoke place to display your favorite hanging plants with minimal effort. Once you have your clothing rack ready to go, you just need to pick out your favorite color spray paint. This TikTok features gold spray paint, but the sky is the limit with color choice. If you do opt to use gold spray paint, you can currently purchase a can on Amazon for $11. If this shade doesn't work for your home's décor, then don't hesitate to grab another one! The whole point of this project is to have fun creating something unique and personal to you.

Start painting and adding plants to your DIY stand

Yes, it's tempting to dive right in with this awesome DIY plant stand, but it's important to properly adhere your spray paint to your metal clothing rack first. In this instance, you should prep the surface ahead of time. Use steel wool or something equally abrasive, such as a wire brush, to scuff up the metal's exterior. If you see any rust spots, remove them as well. Once this step is complete, you're ready to spray paint. Be sure to paint outside, weather permitting. Otherwise, complete this step in a well-ventilated area to avoid any dangerous fume inhalation. You can also paint the wheels on your clothing rack turned plant stand, or simply remove them completely. Again, the choice is yours. 

Whatever you do, just make sure you let your paint cure for 24 hours before moving it and decorating with your planters. Once completely dry, you can start adding all the flowers and greenery you love most. If you want to DIY an indoor plant stand instead, you can always hang some fake foliage. It won't need any sunlight, so you can easily stash this plant stand in any part of your home that needs a little rustic decoration. IKEA sells tons of different artificial plants, all at a great price. And if you want to suspend them from this DIY stand without hangers, you can simply wrap twine around your plants, creating a makeshift sling. You can also use brightly colored yarn to add some whimsy to this project.

Add some custom touches to your DIY plant stand

If you're looking for ways to up the ante with your DIY plant stand, consider spicing up the way you paint your clothing rack. For example, you can take painter's tape, creating interesting stripes or other geometric shapes. You can also use different stenciling techniques to add depth to this project or even consider a texturized paint job using a sponge or an old rag. You'll effortlessly add dimension, creating a truly bespoke project that's as satisfying to make as it is beautiful to look at. Likewise, you can easily use this plant stand indoors or outdoors. 

Just be mindful of the plants you place on it, as you don't want them to leak on your floors if using it inside. If this is the case, you can always add a reusable pet liner underneath your plant stand, which will work to protect it from moisture. Etsy sells them for around $22, and they come in tons of adorable patterns. If used outdoors, just be mindful that colors will fade in direct sunlight. You may need to repaint your plant stand on occasion, but you can choose different colors each time, redoing your space without having to buy new furniture.