The Baseball Hat Storage Gadget TikTok Loves For A Perfectly Organized Closet

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If you're looking to tidy up your space, you know the importance of focusing on your closets. The best way to organize your closets includes organizing baseball hats and freeing up coveted floor space. Since caps are often collector's items, you don't want to stuff them in drawers, bending the lids and ruining your collection. But how do you stash them then? TikToker @stephanieboothhome knows the best way to store and organize your hats. She uses the Original DomeDock on Amazon for $20. It can store up to 20 baseball hats. Even better — it's meant for wall mounting, so you won't have to worry about it taking up limited shelf space. 

This hat holder is ideal for anything with a flat or curved brim and is a breeze to install on your wall. Since it takes up so little room, you can install several of them, easily organizing all your caps. You can also purchase the DomeDock in two colors, black or white, so it fits perfectly with any color scheme. Although this hat holder is ideal in closets, you can mount it anywhere you'd like. This might be on a bedroom wall, inside a closet door, or even in your entryway if you're used to grabbing a cap before leaving the house. However, if you use this organizer in a closet, you'll free up floor space from an otherwise unruly hat collection. You'll also protect your baseball caps from being accidentally stepped on and bent.

Start organizing your baseball hats

Since this baseball hat organizer is plastic, you can easily modify it. If, for example, you want to use it outside your closet but don't like its plain design, you can wrap it in peel-and-stick wallpaper. If you like arts and crafts and want to get crafty, consider some chalk paint. It adheres to virtually any surface, plastic included, and doesn't require any prep work. You can even up the ante by adding some cute stenciling — and don't be afraid to have fun with this project! There's no rule saying that hat organizers can't be functional and stylish. 

If you have any wide-brimmed hats, you can always add some organizational hanging hat hooks to optimize closet storageAmazon sells a 12-pack for $21, and you can layer them between your DomeDocks, ensuring all your hats have a place. Since the DomeDock has 4.3 stars on Amazon and over 5,000 reviews, the proof is in the pudding. One person said, "Out of all the ways to keeps my hats easily accessible this is by far my favorite! Easy to put up and take down if need to...Just screw in the two screws and hook the black dome on and it's ready to go! Hats don't move much and the bills just hook together to stack nice and neat." For $20, you can redo your closet without breaking the bank.