This Dollar Tree Hack Gets Rid Of The Ugly Pile Of Clothes On Your Bedroom Chair

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It's easy to let partially dirty clothes pile up on a chair or even on the floor of your bedroom, but often, this not-really-dirty jumble of laundry can be one of the main things making your bedroom look messy. Luckily, this can all be solved with a peg board from Dollar Tree. Creating a place on your wall to hang up clothes you intend to rewear before washing will make your space less cluttered. Additionally, this will make the clothes easier to look through, meaning that you might end up wearing them sooner simply because they're in your line of sight.

You can find the Jot large square peg board at Dollar Tree for $1.25, or if you prefer a different look, the low-cost retailer also has rectangular peg boards. Depending on what your local store carries, you may find different boards and accessories for them. You'll also need peg board hooks to hang your clothes from the board. You might hang your clothing storage beside your closet, hamper, or near where you tend to haphazardly throw your clothes. If you're worried about your board's appearance, you could stash it behind your bedroom door. This way, leaving the door open would hide your clothes. Not only can you create extra storage with this genius Dollar Tree DIY, but you'll also make your bedroom more comfortable, cozy, and organized.

Decluttering with this Dollar Tree hack

Before assembling and hanging your peg board, you may want to decorate it to match your space. You might decide to paint your board or use glue and decorative paper to give your organizer a unique aesthetic — but don't forget to poke holes through for your pegs. Alternatively, you might use removable wallpaper squares from Dollar Tree for an easy and budget-friendly option. The hooks could also be painted to match your new storage solution.

Certain Dollar Tree peg boards include an adhesive to attach it to your wall, though some reviews state that it's too strong and damages the wall paint when removed. Alternatively, you could use command strips (about $10 on Amazon). If you own your home and don't mind putting some holes in the wall, your peg board could be screwed into place. Now, you can stick your peg hooks into the holes and hang up your clothes. For those who want the hooks permanently fixed to the board, try applying hot glue to the hook before mounting. With this simple hack, you can ditch the ugly clothes chair and keep your bedroom clutter-free.