DIY An Affordable Headboard Using Dollar Tree Picture Frames

Whether you're a college student seeking ideas for making your dorm room super homey or you just want a budget-friendly way to enhance your bedroom, a Dollar Tree picture frame headboard is a great option to decorate your space while saving money. For this DIY project, you will need several 11x14-inch picture frames, glue, spray paint, and a white foam board — all of which you can find at Dollar Tree. While this DIY hack is designed to make a small, twin-size headboard, you could use multiple foam boards taped together and more frames to create a larger headboard.

Depending on how you want to style your headboard, you might make a simple version that is painted all one color and looks like paneling, or you could put something beneath the frame for a more glamorous aesthetic. For this method, try picking up some shiny or silver gift bags while you're at Dollar Tree to add a bit of flair to your headboard. Some glitter paper with adhesive backing can also be added to give more texture to the décor. To attach your headboard to the wall once it's finished, try using some Command Strips (about $10 on Amazon). With this unique hack, you can DIY a stunning headboard on a Dollar Tree budget.

DIYing a headboard with Dollar Tree picture frames

To DIY an easy headboard, this project will only require eight frames. Rather than putting anything inside the picture frames or using them to border something, you'll need to completely take them apart. Remove the glass, the small metal pieces that hold the photo in place, the mat board (if any), and the backing, leaving you with only the frame. Line your frames up on your foam board to ensure that all of them fit side by side, with two rows of four frames. Secure the frames using super glue or hot glue, making sure that they are perfectly even with each other and the edges of the board.

If you'd like to add more dimension to your headboard, you might consider putting a smaller frame into the center of each larger one. You can repeat the process above with 5x7-inch picture frames, but you may want a ruler to make sure each one is perfectly in the middle of the corresponding bigger frame. Though this step isn't necessary to make a beautiful headboard, it could create a different look for your bedroom. Once you like the design of your headboard, it's time to paint. Though spray paint can't be found at Dollar Tree, you might reuse some from a previous project. Alternatively, you can find spray paint for less than $7 at Home Depot. Paint your entire board the same color, choosing one that will complement your space.

Alternative method to DIY an affordable headboard

For those who have a more maximalist style, a simple one-color headboard might not be the right fit. Instead, you can add more elements to your project by filling the space inside the frames with something eye-catching — like those gift bags or glitter papers we mentioned. Start by taking everything out of each frame, but set it aside, and don't remove the metal photo holders. Spray paint your frames silver or another simple yet elegant color. Now, cut your shiny gift bags to fit inside your frames. Depending on the size of the bags, you might be able to get two sheets from each one. On each of these pieces of reflective paper, stick one of your glitter papers in the middle. You might choose a deep color like purple for your accent or use the same color as the rest of your headboard. For a sleeker look, try skipping the glitter.

Glue the back of each of your decorative papers to one of the backings from your frames for stability. These can now be placed back into your picture frames, but leave the glass out to keep it safer to hang above your bed. Finally, glue your frames to your foam board, covering the entire thing like in the previous version of this DIY. With some Dollar Tree items and the power of your imagination, you can make an affordable headboard that is perfectly suited to your style.