The IKEA Monitor Stand That Will Help You Create A Clutter-Free Home Office

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Keeping your home office space organized is a great way to stay on task and remain focused throughout the work day. Clutter often serves as a distraction. Piles of unorganized paperwork, scattered pens, and misplaced notebooks can easily interfere with productivity. You might be familiar with the struggle of spending hours searching through a messy office for a particular item. Organization tools can help tame clutter that gets in the way of your important tasks. The IKEA ELLOVEN monitor stand is one of the best IKEA products to use to organize a home office. The item includes a drawer and slots to sort office equipment and supplies. It is the perfect tool to create a clutter-free work space.

Although the IKEA ELLOVEN was designed to be used as a monitor stand, it is so versatile that it can double as a storage drawer for your home office. It would also work great as a way to display office decor. The IKEA piece has many potential uses, so it is easy to get your money's worth out of it. The monitor stand is affordably priced at only $29.99. It comes in two color options, including white and black. Both colors include a bamboo drawer, which is a great option if you need to organize your desk.

The IKEA ELLOVEN will help you stay organized

If you are interested in purchasing the IKEA ELLOVEN, think of all the ways it could be used beyond simply acting as a monitor stand. If you take a look at the product images of the item, you can see that the top of the ELLOVEN surface has enough room to hold folders, books, or a desk lamp. You might choose to stack these items on top of the monitor stand. If you want to use it to hold a desk lamp, you could place it in the corner of your desk, position the lamp on the top portion, and use the rest of the product for storage.

The bamboo drawer conveniently includes slots that you can use to sort your office supplies. You might choose to place pens in one of the smaller slots, and notebooks or planners in the larger slots. Let's say that you purchase the ELLOVEN to use on a crafting table. You could place beads, scissors, pom poms, or any other crafting supplies you have on hand in the drawer. Finally, you could also use the ELLOVEN to expand your storage space elsewhere within your home office. For example, you may want to load it up with office supplies and place it on a nearby table or file cabinet. This would allow you to maintain more room on your office desk for other items.

More about the IKEA ELLOVEN

The IKEA ELLOVEN monitor stand conveniently includes an opening that you can fit your cables through. This makes it a great way to display other electronics outside of the home office as well. You might want to place a gaming console on top of it, and store it in your living room beside your TV. If you are wondering whether the ELLOVEN will fit in your space, you should know that it is 10 and ½ inches wide and 4 and ½ inches tall. IKEA customers rated this product an impressive four and a half stars.

With its $29.99 price point, the ELLOVEN is more affordable than similar products. For example, Amazon sells a monitor stand that includes storage drawers for $36.99. Wayfair also has a monitor stand with a storage component for $75.99. The IKEA piece is a better option for those on a budget. Given the fact that it is so highly rated, it might be safe to say that customers who purchase this item would not be sacrificing quality, either.