Trending Design Details Of Fixer To Fabulous' Stunning Bathroom Makeover

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HGTV stars Dave and Jenny Marrs of "Fixer to Fabulous" know how to design a bathroom down to every little detail. On Season 5, Episode 6 of "Fixer to Fabulous," the couple are tasked with helping a ballroom-dancing California couple update a large, traditionally designed home with modern finishes and decor. However, out of all the rooms they renovated, the main bathroom would easily fit among the show's most impressive bathroom transformations. Originally designed with a shower surrounded by outdated, large, glass blocks and beige tile floors, the Marrses used their skills to give the space a modern edge.

When renovating the space, they removed the large glass blocks and replaced them with clear, glass panels to make the space feel larger and more open. Then, they installed black marble within the shower on the lower half of the wall and glossy white tile on the upper half with complementary gold fixtures, like the shower head and handles, creating a timeless look. "The black and white colors we chose for the shower and flooring feel high-end even though the material was inexpensive," Jenny Marrs wrote on her website. The link to the Gerber shower heads they used no longer works, however, you can still find similar styles on the website, like the gold Parma shower head for $120 (via Gerber).

Color is everything

When designing a bathroom with dark marble, it's important to ensure the colors you choose for the rest of the space are complementary, fit the aesthetic, and create balance. So, when it came to choosing a color for the vanities, The Marrses went with Essex Green from Benjamin Moore. This hue looks great with the black marble, complements the gold hardware, and adds a nice touch of color to the space.

However, to ensure they incorporated a bit of black throughout the space, the couple decided to install the Tetote black-framed mirror from Amazon over one of the vanities, which is currently $309. They also installed the black, two-light Odensa wall sconces from Kichler, which are $160 each. Although one might think that all of these dark fixtures and tiles would make a space feel small and closed-off, the Simply White wall color from Benjamin Moore does a good job of making the space feel large and open.

The details that bring it all together

During this renovation, the Marrses removed the traditional, jacuzzi tub with tiled steps with something a bit more practical. The freestanding tub with rectangular, golden hardware completely opens that corner up and gives the bathroom a spa-like feel. Here, to balance out the modern and dark colors, they added a wicker basket next to the tub to hold towels. You can easily find a similar option, like the Emlyn Woven Basket from Pottery Barn for $119. This item adds a touch of warmth and texture to this area of the bathroom.

However, they didn't stop there. They also added a beige runner to sit on top of the white marble tile. Although the link to the product they used doesn't work, you can find similar products online, like the StangH Runner from Amazon for $32. Another way they added an organic touch to the bathroom is by placing a green, leafy plant inside the shower. Since the shower is large enough, it's able to comfortably sit in the corner without constantly being pounded by water. They also placed green plants on the vanities, which add texture against the green cabinets.