The Lemon Trick People Use For Fresh-Smelling Bathrooms (& Does It Actually Work?)

A key to being comfortable in your bathroom is ensuring it always smells nice. However, rather than constantly purchasing candles or different types of scent diffusers, why not try cutting up a few lemons? Some say that if you cut a few lemons in half and place them in different areas of the bathroom, they are able to absorb odor. Although we found no scientific evidence to back up this claim, there are several publications that say it works, so we believe it wouldn't hurt to try. However, some people have found issues with it. "I would use baking soda over lemon peels because the peels can get moldy," Larry Ciufo, senior test project leader at Consumer Reports, told the publication.

However, don't give up on lemons just yet! There are different ways to incorporate the citrusy scent in your bathroom to eliminate odors and have your bathroom feeling like a spa-retreat. We've also found different options that may work better for your space if you find that lemons aren't getting the job done.

Eliminating bathroom odors

If you find that cutting up lemons and placing them in your bathroom isn't eliminating odors, then using the juice may be a better option. For example, if your bathroom tends to get damp and mildewy, you can try to spray lemon juice on the moist areas to get rid of the smell. If the case you're dealing with is severe, it is suggested to let it sit for about 10 minutes before wiping it away. However, when using a lemon juice spray, avoid spraying near your face or touching your eyes. 

However, if you're finding that lemon slices and juice aren't cutting it, you can try using baking soda, which unlike lemon slices, is scientifically proven to absorb odors. All you have to do is fill a small bowl with baking soda and leave it somewhere in your bathroom, and it will actively absorb the odor. However, remember to replace it once a month to ensure it keeps working.