Dave Marrs' Unique Fixer To Fabulous DIY Has Fans All Asking The Same Question

Costar of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" and DIY extraordinaire Dave Marrs is known for his creative and customized woodworking projects individually catered to each of the show's families. Marrs' Season 5, Episode 10 "Fixer to Fabulous" homeowners have grandkids that visit often and monopolize (yes, pun intended!) the living space with family activities, games, and puzzles. Dave Marrs' best advice for a successful home renovation is to include the whole family in the project plans, needs, and execution. "Being in a family that loves puzzles, games, and spending time together, I knew that leaving them out all the time was not an option," Marrs says (via his Instagram) about the need to accommodate the homeowners' family game night requirements into the design.

His plan? Create a custom DIY gaming coffee table to not only store but also house in-progress games and puzzles without taking over the shared living space. Of the many clever hidden design features we've seen on HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous," this coffee table with integrated gaming functionality had fans asking where they could snag this genius coffee table for their own homes.

Marrs' DIY gaming coffee table design

Dave Marrs' DIY gaming coffee table looks like an everyday living room staple at first glance. However, what makes this table special (and what has fans eager to find out how they can get their hands on a similar table) are the large, shallow removable drawers that make storing puzzles, board games, and card games a cinch. The gaming coffee table allows the homeowners to hide this clutter in plain sight and keep the aesthetic clean, while also conveniently keeping the games readily accessible and close at hand.

In addition to storage, "these drawers easily slide in and out and can keep the games, puzzles, and good times going year round," Marrs says on his Instagram about his design, which also allows for the family to stash in-progress games and puzzles inside the coffee table without sacrificing precious tabletop space. In-progress puzzles can be done directly in the shallow drawers, safely tucked away in the table when the family needs to take a break. Similarly, partially completed board games could be placed in the drawers for storage until family game night resumes — if Kramer and Newman on Seinfeld had this gaming table, perhaps their intense, high-stakes game of Risk wouldn't have ended in a game-over subway confrontation!

Buy or DIY your own gaming coffee table?

Commenters on Dave Marrs' social media are all itching for their own versions of this table, despite it being a one-of-a-kind gift for the homeowners. A simple search for "gaming coffee table" results in a wide variety of pre-made tables that could fit the bill, from basic options to ones with elaborate fold out gaming customizations or glass-top puzzle tables. But be prepared to shell out some cash for these ready-made options, with most ranging from $150 to $1,500+ depending on the design.

The hefty price tag to purchase prefab gaming coffee tables has led many to take a page out of Marrs' book and tackle a DIY table to save some dough. Dave Marrs encourages creating a home and design that fits your lifestyle, so DIYing allows you to fully customize the table to your family's exact needs for maximum functionality and enjoyment. Perhaps you'd like a removable top with a space underneath for an in-progress puzzle to be done or board game to be played inside the table itself, complete with integrated lighting for an unforgettable game night experience. Puzzle lovers may want small or divided drawers for separating pieces, while card sharks may want pull-out slots for organizing their hand. Still others may want a top that swivels or additional integrated stool seating. Regardless of what features suit your family best, using Marrs' DIY gaming coffee table as inspiration for your game night space is a win for all.