Keep Your Garage Organized With A Dollar Tree Paper Towel Holder

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When trying to reorganize your garage like a professional, one of the best things you can do is find a dedicated place for each item in the space. This could mean hanging your bicycle from large hooks on the wall, storing seasonal decorations inside labeled plastic containers stacked on shelving units, or keeping all your tools orderly on a large pegboard. If you're searching for a place to store items like extension cords or seasonal decorative wreaths, try creating a storage space for them with a Dollar Tree paper towel holder. By attaching the base of this item to the wall and allowing it to jut out horizontally, you'll create the ideal place to store countless items that may not currently have a home in your garage.

Besides helping you keep your garage neat and tidy, using the Dollar Tree paper towel holder for storage also comes with some other benefits. This will keep whatever you store on the holder easily accessible, so you don't have to rummage through totes to find what you need. It could also help you maximize the space in a small garage, as it will get things off the floor and onto a vertical hanger. Furthermore, this solution will protect your items, especially seasonal decor, from getting squished and possibly damaged in a container. Finally, it will help keep items like extension cords and Christmas lights tangle-free.

How to install the paper towel holder in your garage

Fortunately, you need very few items to complete this DIY, and they're all inexpensive. Of course, the first item required is the Cooking Concepts Wire Paper Towel Holder that costs $1.25 from Dollar Tree. Besides that, you'll either need a few large screws (concrete screws if your walls are made of concrete) and an electric drill or a Command Brand Medium Hook that can hold 3 pounds. You can purchase a pack of these hooks with adhesive strips on Amazon for about $14. The former will be more secure and can hold more weight, while the latter is great for light items like wreaths and for those who rent.

To install the paper towel holder with screws, start by partially screwing one of the screws into the wall, stopping about half an inch or so from the wall. Then, place the inner ring of the base of the paper towel holder on the screw. Holding it against the wall, finish drilling in the screw. You could also add three more screws around the inner ring to keep it more secure — two to the left and right sides and one at the bottom. The other option is to simply install a Command Brand hook on your wall and allow it to set for at least an hour. Then, you can hang the paper towel holder's inner ring from the hook.

What to organize on the paper towel holder

Once the paper towel holder is installed on your wall, all you need to do is hang anything you want from it. Extension cords are a great option, as they can be organized into a loop shape that can be suspended over the holder. Similarly, Christmas lights and garden hoses could be hung in the same way. Another idea is to use the holder for all your seasonal wreaths or garlands.

You could also suspend any spray bottles from the holder by placing their nozzles on one edge of it. This could be great for storing herbicides, insecticides, or cleaning products. Or, if you keep large trash bags in your garage, try out a TikTok paper towel holder trash bag trick that will keep them easily accessible. If you need somewhere to store your tools or gardening supplies, try hanging them with S-hooks — you could purchase a pack of 10 hooks on Amazon for $6. Finally, if you keep hats in your garage, perhaps those used for gardening or when playing sports, try out a trick to keep hats neat and tidy with a Dollar Tree storage solution.