Top 5 Ways To Reorganize Your Garage Like A Professional

Organizing your garage can be a daunting task, especially if it's been a few years since you last cleaned and arranged the space. However, it's a task that comes with several benefits, explains The Closet Works. reorganizing will make your garage seem bigger, maximize usable space, and even ensure that your garage is safe for adults and children alike. If you're serious about reorganizing your garage, it's important to stay focused on what's important and set realistic expectations.

Reorganizing your garage can represent a major investment in terms of time, energy, and money. As such, it's probably not a project that you'll want to haphazardly tackle on your day off of work without an ounce of forethought. On the other hand, if you approach your garage reorganization project like a professional and plan multiple aspects of the project in advance, you can minimize stress and unnecessary investments while optimizing the fruits of your efforts.

1. Plan ahead

The first step to reorganizing your garage is to strategize your plan of attack. And what better way to do that than to take a walk around your garage to identify what you are currently doing right and wrong. According to This Old House, it can also be incredibly helpful to take measurements of your garage and draft a floor plan that can be referenced during your ongoing project.

During the planning phase, take note of which items you use most frequently, and which items are rarely called upon and can be stored out of reach. Additionally, note the existing storage options, such as shelves, cabinets, and racks, as well as their respective load capacities. Finally, mentally set aside a part of your garage for any specific storage needs. For instance, your home gym equipment should be stored well away from potting soil or other gardening gear. Finally, shop around for deals on garage storage products that will help in your organizing efforts.

2. Maximize floor space

One of the quickest ways homeowners end up with a cluttered garage is when they start storing items on the floor. Naturally, this arrangement is far from ideal, and can actually render your garage unusable in extreme circumstances. As such, removing all unnecessary objects from your garage floor is a good way to kick off your reorganization efforts. While larger items like a lawn mower will still need placement on the garage floor, eventually most of what you remove can be more efficiently stored using cabinets, wall organizers, pegboards, and other garage storage solutions, notes Alure Home Improvements

Once you have removed all of the items from the floor, this will give you the perfect opportunity to sweep, mop, and deep clean. It'll also give you a better idea of what type of storage solutions you will need to acquire in order to complete the project. In addition, when creating floor space, you should be making notes of the approximate size and weight of the various items that you'll eventually have to store elsewhere.

3. Optimize storage solutions

Unfortunately, buying storage organizers for your garage can be quite a costly investment. As such, it's a good idea to save money wherever you can. For instance, not every storage cabinet has to be an expensive, heavy-duty model with a two hundred-pound load capacity per shelf. If you've got lighter objects to store, you can save money by purchasing light-duty storage shelves and cabinets that are every bit as functional as their heavy-duty counterparts.

when choosing shelves and cabinets, deciding on the most efficient way to store your items in advance is always a good idea. According to HomeTips, opting for garage shelving tends to be more affordable than investing in cabinets, and allows easier access to the items being stored. Alternatively, lockable cabinets may be a safer option for homes with small children, since they allow dangerous items to be securely locked away. If you're an experienced DIYer, you could also look into crafting your own garage shelving as this can save you a lot of money when compared to buying them at a local big box store, explains Popular Mechanics.

4. Organize items vertically

When it comes to vertical storage, homeowners have quite a few options. Two of the best ways to utilize unused wall space in your garage is to employ pegboard or slatwall panels. Pegboards have been around for quite a while and this trusted storage solution benefits from being both affordable and compatible with a wide range of hooks and accessories. While pegboards are not the most heavy-duty solution for storing tools and other gear, they do have several advantages over comparable systems. For one, they are nearly endlessly customizable, notes Baker Door Company, so you can always optimize your organization method whenever you feel the need. Additionally, pegboards are usually a more affordable way of providing storage for lightweight objects than investing in shelves or cabinets.

For a more sleek and modern storage solution, you can try utilizing slatwall panels. These tend to be a more durable option than pegboards, according to Closet Gallery, but also have the advantage of giving the walls in your garage a unique, modern style. Also, slatwall can be installed over the entire wall to create large-scale storage racks. When you think about how retail clothing stores are able to maximize their floor space by vertically storing merchandise, you can see how effective this option can be for your garage.

5. Utilize overhead space

There's often one place that homeowners fail to utilize, and it's right above their head. In fact, overhead storage may be one of the most efficient options for bulky, hard-to-store items that would otherwise lay on the floor or up against a wall. From kayaks to bicycles, not to mention boxes of rarely-used holiday decorations, a heavy-duty ceiling rack can change the way you organize your garage. Also, this method of storage is ideal for storing things that you rarely need but can't quite let go of.

When considering overhead space in your garage, be sure to take precise measurements so that vehicles have enough clearance to park. If you have limited mobility but still want to give overhead storage a shot, you may consider investing in a motorized storage system, suggests Homedit. While they can be expensive and tricky to install, they're a great option for those who need their overhead items to remain easily accessible throughout the year.