Use These IKEA Items To Perfectly Organize Any Home Office Cabinet

As more and more people opt to work from home, it's becoming increasingly important to find streamlined storage solutions for at-home workstations. Office cabinets can quickly become a disorganized mess if items aren't properly corralled inside containers, bins, or boxes. Stacks of paper can become haphazard, pens can be difficult to locate, and small items like staples or paper clips can become impossible to find amidst the mess. And as anyone who has tried to buy organizational bins will attest, buying a whole system gets expensive quickly. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be, just as long as you find the right stuff. Luckily, IKEA has some top-rated products you need to organize your home office, and most of them cost under $10, so you can get everything from lidded bins to magazine files while staying on budget.

Specifically, pick up three crucial items to help manage your office cabinet. The first is the KUGGIS, a transparent lidded box, followed by the TJOG, which is a 2-pack of magazine files, and finally the FÅNGGRÖDA, an insert with several small compartments. While they're not all from the same collection, they still flow well together thanks to their minimalist designs. Likewise, these items all come in either neutral or understated colors, making them easy to mix and match while still creating a cohesive storage system. 

How to use IKEA organizers to effortlessly tidy a home office cabinet

If your home office cabinet is in dire need of tidying but you also want an attractive system that doesn't break the bank, then IKEA could be a good fit. As shown in the Instagram reel above, there are several items that can help to keep your office organized and stylish. The FÅNGGRÖDA is the organizational insert with compartments in which you can store smaller office staples. It's 11x11 and retails for an affordable $4. However, if you need more space there is also a 13x9 version available for $5. If you're looking for paper, notebook, or file storage, the TJOG magazine file is a good pick. A two-pack costs $8. Last but not least is the KUGGIS, which is essentially a lidded box with vast hidden potential. 

In the above video, content creator @wiebkelea uses the miniature version to store different things in four boxes. Sized at 5x7, they retail for $3.50 each. One appears to be pens, the second houses highlighters, and the remaining two contain various other odds and ends. This is a great system for holding an oversupply of essential items. You likely need a pen or two on your desk at all times, but not your entire collection of writing utensils, so you can store them in there instead. If you require a bigger box to tidy things like stacks of paper, upgrade to the 10x13 version ($10).

Other IKEA items to consider for your home office cabinet

If you need some more organizational help, there are plenty of other items you can invest in that will also match the current system above. After all, a cohesive design helps make everything feel tidier and more aesthetically pleasing overall. To complement the TJOG magazine file, grab the TJOG storage box with lid, which has the same gray fabric design. You can choose between three different sizes; the smallest is 9x14 and is $6, the medium is 12x12 and costs $8, and the largest is 13x22 and retails for $10. The smallest box can hold everything from notebooks to spare gadgets, whereas the largest is great for holding retired files you still have to store. This type of structure will help you establish a productive office at home. 

Elsewhere, the TJOG desk organizer, which is 13x6, is just $7 on IKEA and is ideal for keeping pens, highlighters, scissors, etc. neatly in one place and easily accessible. If you want more budget-friendly versions, then check out the TJENA line. For instance, the TJENA magazine files retail for $4 for a two-pack at IKEA. This is $4 cheaper than the TJOG version since the TJENA is made out of simple white cardboard. Similarly, you can get more affordable versions of the TJOG boxes too. The TJENNA 9x13 size is $4, the 12x14 is $6, and the 13x19 is $10. This will save you a few bucks if you buy several.