Adorable Home Decor Ideas You Can DIY With Leftover Mason Jar Lids

The origin story of the Mason jar is a messy one, beginning with a flawed patent filed by John Landis Mason in 1858 and evolving into the mass-produced, multi-brand product we know and love today. Today, though, when Mason jars aren't being used for canned jams, homemade pickles, or upcycled glassware, they are a common staple for DIYers, and it's easy to see why. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, they usually have the same basic components –- a glass canister and a lid consisting of a metal ring and a flat metal disc. 

Here's the catch. While the glass and ring are reusable, the disc should be replaced with each new batch of preserves, to ensure a tight seal. So, what do you do with those leftover tops? Well, if you have some art supplies and a crafty spirit, you can breathe new life into an old lid. Their lightweight and round shapes make old Mason jar lids ideal to repurpose for the home and garden in numerous ways, but here are a couple of particularly fun, adorable crafts you can create with little more than old lids, chalkboard paint, hot glue, and fabric.

Upcycle jar tops into magnets and coasters with chalkboard paint

A cute and functional way to reuse lids involves chalkboard paint. This unique product looks like any other paint when wet, but dries to a chalkboard surface. It's available in brush-on or spray formulas at most home hardware and craft stores. The spray offers a fast and smooth finish but doesn't provide the durability of brush-on paint. If you plan to erase and rewrite on the jar tops often, go for a brush-on product. When using chalkboard paint in your home, it's good to know that dry time varies by brand. Many recommend waiting 24 hours between coats, and two to three days before writing on it. 

With those details out of the way, take a look at some of the adorable decor options to try. To start with, magnetic fridge notes add a personalized touch to your kitchen. Paint the metallic disc with the chalkboard formula and let it dry, then add a second coat. If you're using the metal ring, attach it and the magnet with hot glue. These are great for leaving reminders or cute doodles for your family. Swap out the magnet for a damage-free wall adhesive, like a Command strip, to use this concept for name labels above coat hangers or cubby holes in the porch. 

Another fun decor idea is a DIY coaster. Start with the steps above, but this time, paint the inside of the disc and attach the ring so it frames the chalkboard. Use chalk to personalize each coaster depending on its user.

Transform jar lids into floral wall art using scrap fabric

Fabric is a versatile DIY medium to use in your Mason jar lid project. Create something luxurious with materials like silk and velvet, or capture country chic with gingham and burlap. No matter your personal style, you can match existing decor, or inspire a new look with the right textile. One of the neat things about using fabric is you can completely cover the container top, transforming it into something new — like a flower.

Fabric flowers are a sweet touch in any childhood bedroom or country kitchen, and you can easily create your own DIY gorgeous wall decor on a budget with scraps of fabric and Mason jar covers. To start, separate the ring and disc and cut the fabric into strips of about 1 inch by 5 inches. Fold each strip in half and tie it around the metal ring, forming the petals of the flower as you go. Next, use a second color of material to cover the disc of the lid, using the glue gun to secure it in place and stick it in the center. Keep the flowers stemless or get creative and fashion a stem out of fabric-wrapped skewers or pipe cleaners. Hang them with string or a wall-safe adhesive.