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The Most Effective Way To Use Dryer Balls For Wrinkle-Free Laundry

You may have found that some green products don't perform quite as well as their conventional counterparts, but dryer balls don't have to be a step down from using disposable dryer sheets. Economical and ecological, these sets of rubber or wool balls that you add to your dryer instead of a softener sheet speed up the drying process and fluff out wrinkles by adding a bit of extra movement among the clothes tumbling around. 

While air-drying your laundry is the most eco-friendly drying method, using reusable rubber or wool dryer balls helps compensate by shrinking your carbon footprint a bit. And you can give them a leg-up on wrinkle-fighting with some strategic spritzing. A light spray of water or scented liquid on these wonder spheres add extra steaming and deodorizing powers to your loads. Pair that with some smart dryer operation tips, and you may be putting away your iron for good.

Opt for wool dryer balls over rubber

For this tip, the absorbency of wool is key. Spraying a bit of liquid on each ball before you start your drying cycle will up the steaming effect that smooths out rumples and creases. A bundle of woolen balls have distinct advantages over rubber ones, as they're highly absorbent. Plus, wool contains oils that soften laundry where rubber ones do not. Dampening the balls with a non-toxic product, like Caldrea's room sprays available at Amazon, does double duty of adding both moisture and a light scent, making you less likely to miss the sweet odors of your favorite dryer sheet.

The combination of extra aeration the balls create during a cycle alongside their drying and softening qualities may keep wrinkles at bay. If you don't have wool dryer balls and want an easy and free alternative, you can make your own by using bits of old wool sweaters — check out this genius dryer ball DIY.

Temp and time tweaks keep the iron away

Get wrinkle-free clothes without an iron with this great laundry hack. First, set your dryer's temperature to medium, and run the cycle for a shorter amount of time, leaving your laundry just slightly damp. Don't put too large of a load into the dryer, as packing the items in can make wrinkles worse.

These tennis ball-sized spheres of thirsty wool reduce your laundry's drying time, so you might need to experiment with times to find the right amount to leave it a little damp. Take your clothing out of the dryer and hang or fold it immediately. 

Despite your best efforts, you may inevitably end up with some wrinkled wearables that need a quick fix. The dryer ball spritz trick is great in situations like these. Add damp dryer balls and your rumpled item to the dryer, and after a short session on medium heat, your outfit will be ready to wear!