The Living Room Essential Erin Napier Swears By For A Space Full Of Character

Designer Erin Napier of HGTV's "Home Town" is known for using color, pattern, and one-of-a-kind decor selections to ensure her renovations and designs never lack character. Her smart layering of patterns and textures, paired with her stellar ability to choose fun yet sophisticated color palettes, is what makes her designs so successful, with fans cheering her on for eight "Home Town" seasons to date. While she is no stranger to large-scale remodels, Napier is also full of tips and tricks for helping homeowners understand the best tiny upgrades that can transform their homes without reaching for the sledgehammer. Adding a fun, colorful armchair is one of her best tips for injecting character, visual interest, and joy into a space.

Erin Napier's trick of decorating with a colorful accent chair is an ideal way for those wary of color to test the waters with something small yet impactful. For color and pattern lovers, it's a solo piece to go as nuts as you want without the fear of going overboard! Thanks to the vast variety of colorful armchairs on the market, Napier's trick can be used for all design styles and color palettes.

Showcasing charming armchairs with color and pattern

For some people, like Erin Napier, adding color is a no-brainer and part of their natural decorating process, while other homeowners may find color intimidating or not know how to best begin adding it into their homes. For a more subtle look grounded in nature, homeowners could try incorporating a medium blue, natural green, or even a muted terracotta armchair to give an earthy pop of color that perfectly compliments layers of neutrals for an elegant aesthetic. For those looking for a little more pizazz, colors with more saturation, like vibrant mustard, bright pink, or a fabulous jewel tone, bring a lively energy and playfulness to a room.

For bonus points, consider also incorporating an armchair with a whimsical pattern in a beautiful colorway to instantly level up the charm and personality in a space. A colorful preppy stripe would be lovely in a new traditional home, while a mudcloth print in an ochre or rust would be ideal in a bohemian space. A vibrant floral print (a design staple for Napier) brings a whole new modern spin to your granny's flower chair, and a funky animal print brings out your adventurous, wild side! Regardless of the level of color or pattern you are ready to embrace, take a page out of Erin Napier's book and showcase a fabulous, colorful armchair in your living room, bedroom, or office space for an instant character upgrade.