The Ultimate Guide To Decorating With Accent Chairs

Picking furniture for your home should help it become more stylish and functional. A furnishing that checks both boxes is an accent chair or two. Adding accent chairs to a home's overall design is more than just an extra seat in the house, it is a dimensional decorative addition. The piece will diversify your aesthetic and anchor a look, making the choice of an accent chair multifaceted. 

Several considerations should go into a final chair choice in addition to settling on a color and pattern. It is important to style the chair for the space it is in. "If an accent piece feels like it's been put into the space carelessly, the whole room will be thrown off," advises interior designer Kelly Collins for Country Living, You want to try to decorate your space with an accent chair that is complementary in color, pattern, shape, and size, as it should fill the space without clashing with the existing decor. 

Decide where to place the chair

When you are decorating a space, accent chairs are for more than just good looks, as their placement in the space needs to matter and fit into the existing room elements. Whether you face a pair of chairs toward each other, place them on the sides of a coffee table, or in a corner of a room, the placement of the chair should maintain the balance in the space, according to SFGate

If you desire to use accent chairs in the formal areas of the home such as a living room or den, be sure to arrange the chairs in a way that encourages conversation. The goal of placement in these rooms is to have the chair placement complement the layout of the other furniture pieces. These additional seats are typically paired with sofas and loveseats, but the accent chair can be useful just about anywhere in the house. If you are unsure of where the chair fits into your decor, move it around to different spots in the home for small periods of time to see where it serves its purpose best.

Select the right fabric

While many fabrics are attractive, you want one that will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use and environmental factors. Fabric material decisions are important for accent chairs both for the short-term and for the long-term; you'll want the chairs to complement your home for a long time, even if you change other aspects of your decor. When shopping for chairs, one should aim for the fabric to be durable to maximize the longevity and preserve its appearance. This is vital especially if the accent chair is being placed in a common area of the home where it will be steadily relied on and exposed to regular wear and tear. 

Frequent use will be evident but sun exposure is often overlooked. If the chair is in a space that receives ample sunlight, your fabric choice will need to withstand the conditions. According to The Spruce, woven fabrics hold up better over time than fabrics that just have a design printed on them. Desirable materials can be wool, cotton, microfiber, or canvas. Chairs crafted with these types of materials can be ideal for those high traffic areas that need a blend of fabric to withstand constant use and exposure. The woven fabric and texture also makes cleaning and upkeep a breeze.

Choose a color and pattern fit for your space

The color and pattern that you choose for the accent chair for your space is where your personality gets to shine through. Placing an accent chair in a room can be a showcase moment where the chair is the star as seen above in the vivacious red tone of the chair in the room. Choosing a vivid color that ties a look together, or a funky design that stands out can really make a statement in a space. 

But it doesn't need to be all about attention-grabbing color and pattern. One could simply opt to decorate their space with neutral-toned chairs with simple ornamentations. If you are looking for a subtle design for the accent chair or chairs, one may consider finding a piece with a striped design, recommends Decoist. This pattern is versatile and can introduce simple visual texture into any room in the house. Stripes are elegant and timeless, as their clean structure makes them a classic choice for most home styles. Delicate floral designs, paisley patterns, and straightforward solids are all capable of creating a cohesive home look as well, or opt to mix them all for a truly eclectic vibe.

Mix tones for a complete look

A polished home design will often have a unified mixture of textures and tones found throughout the various elements in the room. "Mix different wood tones, metal finishes, and upholstery colors," shares interior designer Benjamin Reynaert via CNN. The blending of tones is popular in home styles as this trend seems to be cementing itself in most home designs. The fusion of wood finishes and metal components crafted with intent creates a more cohesive visual when entering the room. 

The goal of blending different finishes is to have them be purposely opposite but seemingly the same. To achieve a complementary blend of different tones in your home try to mix wood end tables, coffee tables, or sofa tables with complementary undertones as this will help give the pieces a familiar relation. Decorating with metals is more loosely incorporated, as blends of brass, gold, black, and silver are all equally harmonious in a room. One could incorporate metal accents on knobs, pulls, accent chair legs, and statues.

Leg style shows your personality

When you are choosing an accent chair for your space, try to draw your attention downward — past the color, the pattern, and away from the shape, finally stopping to focus on the legs that support the chair. According to Joss and Main, the leg style that complements your accent chair choice can tell you a lot about what decor preferences you have. 

Furniture leg styles can take many forms, such as tapered, modern, block, trumpet, and spiral, to list a common few. When a decorator is choosing an accent chair for a home, the legs may seem like a feature to overlook but they should be factored into the final decision, since this simple feature may be the only opportunity for a chair to showcase its character. This ordinary ornament can often be a determining factor in a design plan, as its influence can shape a look and even modernize a repurposed piece of furniture from its vintage past.

Determine how it will function

What purpose will the accent chair have in your space? Most accent chairs are purchased and used as additional seating options in a living room or den, but this furniture piece can be useful in other rooms for other reasons. One could consider placing a chair in a bedroom, as it may be used to dress up a drab corner or complete a cozy reading nook. According to Homedit, oversized chairs are ideal for reading nooks since the chair size enables a person to shift positions yet maintain comfort. 

If you do not desire a reading corner, try to furnish an office or café area with an accent chair or matching set of two. These placements offer a different area to relax in other than the bed and couch. Accent chairs can even be used as the perfect places to corral all those accent pillows, extra blankets and piles of clean clothes you are waiting to fold. You can even slide the chair closer to the bedside and place a tray on top for the ideal transitional nightstand, perfect for holding a drink or phone.

Comfortable features for the perfect seat

When choosing an accent chair, it is often the seat that we fall in love with because, let's face it, it is either comfortable or it's not. When selecting a chair or set of chairs for your home, consider the chair's seat features, advises The Spruce. The depth, angle and width of the seat cushion are determining elements when it comes to finding the perfect cozy chair. There is such a thing as a chair that is too small, because not all seats are made the same. Measure your favorite accent chair before finalizing the design, especially if this chair is going to a specific location. 

Once you have the ideal size figured out, it's time to proceed with choosing a chair that wraps you in pure comfort. Plush cushions with definitive back support are key features for a truly comfortable seat. The level of comfort should be comparable with the amount of time one is planning on spending in the chair. An ultra-plush, pillow-like chair may be desirable in the bedroom, as this softness is perfect for napping on, while a leather chair with wood armrests is more practical in a living room. Both styles and structures are comfortable, but at different levels.

A chair with arms or no arms

Focusing on the chair's structure, whether you choose one with or without arms can often determine how purposeful it is to its occupant. A chair with no arms may be useful if the space is constrained and openness is optimal. According to Designer Living, armchairs are often found in a living room, but can be added to a dining area for a truly traditional look. 

The arms on a chair are for more than just looks, of course. Armrests on a chair are a highly effective feature as they allow one to rest their arms, books, phone, and even drinks on them. These arm pieces can even be decorated by draping a throw off the side to add a bit of softness to the space. Is this style a fit for you? Determine how the chair will be used in your space and where it will go, then shop for one with the arm style you adore. Choose a chair with arms crafted from wood or metal, or, for added comfort, look for a chair with upholstered arms.

Consider a chic, versatile slipper chair

For a truly unique touch try to find chairs that represent a different time, such as a slipper chair. This European 18th century-style chair is iconic, as its noticeably armless, simple structure can be used to decorate any space for a classic look, or can provide a modern twist, as per One Kings Lane. A slipper chair is a highly versatile piece of furniture as it can be used in almost any part of a home from a den, living room, or dining room, or even at the foot of a bed. 

This chair style is often a lower profile often found hovering closer to the ground. It is an ideal corner chair and can be easily dressed up with plush square or rolled pillows. Consider draping a soft, cozy blanket off the back of the chair for additional contrast and a layered decoration. The slipper chair is flexible in any style of decor from traditional, coastal, or mid-century modern.

Add a tailored look with leather club chairs

If you are searching for the perfect piece to introduce contrast and add softness to a room, then you may want to include a club-style chair to your list of accent seating options. This rounded-top chair is a comfortable living room staple and always looks relaxingly plump. The soft edges are conventionally paired with a luxurious, soft texture. According to Elle Decor, a club chair is a traditional style chair that is typically crafted from leather. 

The advantage of the fabric durability is heightened especially when choosing a chair for a busy space. Leather is a strong fabric contender as it looks clean, lasts long, and introduces a plethora of neutral textures into the room. The chair's silhouette and composure makes it a good choice for an office, man cave, movie room or den area if the living room is not where additional seats are needed. Club chairs, whether on their own or paired with a matching one, will help create a contemporary interior with classic style.

Keep the look classy with a winged chair

The classic wingback chair with its unusual yet mesmerizing silhouette can be just the accent chair you need in your home. Wingback chairs were commonly placed around fireplaces in a home, according to Home Decor Bliss, but these classic chairs have contemporary flair fit for any modern style. Whether traditional or modern, this practical piece can be styled in any area of the house, from the entryway foyer, to the bedroom, hallway, dining room, or living area. 

The stylish shape instantly transforms the visual landscape of any given room. The chair's slender sides and interesting form adds character to a space without pattern or color factoring into the design. This chair preference is generally wider, offering a roomier seating option, and can be found in tufted designs for additional textural elements. Such a chair will introduce a sophisticated element, instantly elevating your furniture situation.

Use a barrel chair for a softer touch

If you are trying to add a modern twist into your decor for an updated aesthetic, then one should look no further than a barrel-style accent chair. Also known as a "tub chair," this style was very popular during the height of mid-century modern decor, according to MyDomaine. This variety of chair is generally known for its rounded or curved backrest. Some barrel chairs have completely round seat cushions, and others are made with straight front sides. This style of seat's sculpture helps to fill in negative space, but in an artful way, making it the ultimate contemporary chair to add into a room. 

A barrel chair is genuinely unique as its visually different appearance makes it a showstopper in a room while adding a touch of softness. The overall shape and leg style will vary from chair to chair, that rounded, barrel-shaped backrest is a defining feature. This chair is common in the living room area but can be found in bedrooms and offices in a residence as well.

Pair them together

If you are trying to increase the seating options in any one room of your house, you may want to consider adding multiple accent chairs instead of just a single one. Adding a single chair or a pair of accent chairs to a room is a popular choice. According to Joss & Main, placing more than two accent chairs in the living room space will make it feel crammed and disrupt the natural flow. 

This is important to note when deciding on how many to place in your room, as the same general ideas apply to other rooms in the house. Too many of any one thing in the same space can be overwhelming. To prevent the imbalance of positive and negative areas in the room, one should try to pair accent chairs together that can fit near one another comfortably or be turned to face each other. Pairing chairs together is about stimulating conversation amongst the people occupying the chairs.

Size and features define style

Side chairs or accent chairs can be used as statement items in a room no matter what type of chair you choose, according to Architectural Digest. There is an accent chair to define any style. Where you become distinctive to your tastes is in the details. You want to find chairs that have elements you find attractive such as piping on the edges, metallic accents on the legs, or studded arrangements. These small additional details are what will introduce individuality and diversity into your space. 

The next question to consider is: How big is the chair? Sizing is important not only so that it is at the level of comfort you need, but also so that the chair fits in the desired space you want it in without altering the perception in the room. A chair that is too large or too small for a space could be dramatically unwelcoming. It's a lot to ask from a piece of furniture, but an accent chair can add comfort, functionality, and a touch of style to your space.