Lemon Might Be The Best Trick To Cleaning Up A Messy Blender

Picture this messy blender situation. You or someone else in your household has just blended some spices, and now you need the blender to prepare a smoothie or something sweet. No matter how much you wash and rinse it with soap and water, those spices will most likely leave a strong residue that you can taste in the next mix. Luckily, a lemon can save the day. All you need to do is wash the inside of your blender jar with lemon juice, and it will neutralize any lingering flavors or smells, leaving it looking like new.

Over time, your blender can hold on to different types of residue that will start to affect the substances you prepare. In addition to adding a weird taste to your liquids, the blender itself might get cloudy or have a weird film, or stubborn stains can remain on it. To get ahead of this, wash the jar after every use and take the whole blender apart and deep clean it every once in a while.

How to use lemon to clean your blender

The simplest way to clean your blender with lemon is to squeeze in some lemon juice with a cup of warm water, and then turn it on. You can also add two tablespoons of baking soda if you want. As the juice circulates, it will wash and rinse out the jar. Another way to use lemon is to throw in some chopped pieces (with no seeds), add some dish soap, and blend. Then, clear it out, pour in some water, and blend again. Wash and scrub the jar like normal after the lemon rinse and it should look and smell fresh again. This is also a good way to reach the blender blades which are a hard spot to get clean.

How this works is that the citric acid found in a lemon and the oils in its rind both have great cleaning properties that cut through grease, take off stains, neutralize odors, and leave things freshened. It's why lemons can be used to clean other things in the kitchen like the microwave, dishwasher, and fridge, to name a few.