These Soka Home Sofa Collections Balance Luxury And Affordability

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With the quiet luxury aesthetic booming, many of us are looking for ways to class up our interiors. Of course, at the center of all gorgeous magazine spreads showcasing upscale, modern homes are lush sofas made from premium materials. The problem is that for most of us, these stunning pieces are generally unattainable. But Soka Home's new line of sofas offers the same high-quality, chic designs for a fraction of the cost of most upscale furniture manufacturers. Even better, they're produced using sustainable practices, so this is a luxury-for-all brand you can feel good about.

To make these modular sofas even more tempting, Soka Home is currently offering a 5% OFF sitewide code from now until September 30, 2024. Just enter the code HDsoka at checkout. Here are some of our favorite collections from Soka Home to help you pick the perfect luxury sofa.

The Domus collection: modernist functionality

The Domus collection is ideal for those who want a contemporary but ultra-functional sofa with clean lines and luxurious scratch- and water-resistant leather. Available in a stunning black or beige shade, among others, this collection offers sophistication and style that will instantly upgrade your home's interior without distracting the eye from surrounding details. The genuine leather is stuffed generously with HD foam and offers excellent breathability, making Domus sofas a tantalizing option for those who enjoy lounging languidly in their living room.

The Freedom collection offers comfort for all

It's difficult to say exactly how, but the Freedom collection manages to look like all of our Nancy Myers dream sofas come to life. This exceptionally beautiful line offers inviting, plush cushions and creped flax linen for a soft and breezy luxury feel. It's easy to see this organic but luxe linen upholstery becoming the boucle of 2024. A versatile option, Freedom sofas would look stunning in a celebrity's Hamptons beach house or an LA bohemian bungalow. Available in khaki, gray, and white, this is the perfect option for those seeking to add a breath of life to their living room.

Live like royalty with the Empress collection

Though few of us will ever become a king or queen, there's no denying that the Empress sofas from Soka Home feel like a throne — a glorious, chenille velvet-covered throne. Not only is this velvety couch buttery soft, but the cushions are stuffed with feather down, which provides a cloud-like seating experience. The chenille velvet also reflects light beautifully, almost taking on a new color and texture throughout the day as the sun trudges across the sky. We also love that the modular Empress collection is available in classic grey and beige, as well as more playful shades of deep navy blue, emerald green, and mustard yellow.

Relax in luxury with the Tender Collection

If you love the flax linen sofas from Soka Home's Freedom collection but want something a touch more relaxed and flexible, you can't go wrong with the modular Tender collection. Feather-stuffed, light-as-air cushions rest atop a sturdy box frame that offers lots of support and what Soka Home describes as "cloud-like comfort." The Tender collection is still super luxurious and high-end, but draws inspiration from the design philosophy wabi-sabi, which values finding beauty in the imperfect and the natural. The low back, customizable configuration, and futon-like cushions make for a gorgeous, contemporary, and functional line of sofas.