Stunning Bedroom Design Trends That Are Still Reigning Supreme In 2024

A well-designed bedroom isn't just a place you go to rest your head. It's also a spot where you can kick back and unwind, whether that's with a good book, a fun show on your iPad, or catching up with your partner. To ensure it's a space you like to spend time in, the room needs to be as aesthetically interesting as it is cozy. If you're struggling with the former, then it can help to look at bedroom design trends that are still reigning supreme in 2024. These are trends with some lasting power, so they will give you creative ideas on how to tweak your space, while still providing peace of mind that it won't look dated in a few months. To figure out what these trends are, we spoke to design experts Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer at Arsight, and Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan, the creative principal at In-Site Interior Design, Inc., who exclusively shared the details.

These trends run the gamut from specific colors to certain textures to particular design methods. But one thing that many of the top-trending 2024 designs have in common is that they focus on making the room more relaxing and enjoyable. Your bedroom doesn't have to be utilitarian, in that it's just a place to close your eyes. It can — and should — also be a pleasure to look at. From incorporating more tactile finishes to swapping out your minimalist color scheme for something a little earthier, these trends are sure to instantly elevate your bedroom.

Nature-inspired elements

Biophilic home design has been going strong throughout 2024, and that has extended into the bedroom. The trend finds ways to bring the outside in, melding nature into our everyday spaces. In communal areas like the living room, that can look like using floral print wallpaper, installing larger windows to soften the line between the outside and inside, and using earthy accents like terracotta tile entryways. But in the bedroom, things look a little different. "The bedrooms may feature natural elements like plants and create a serene retreat connected to nature," Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer at Arsight, exclusively tells House Digest. "It's all about bringing the outdoors to indoors." 

The reason this trend keeps prevailing is that people crave a relaxing escape from their busy lives. This is especially important when you consider that, for many, their homes are also their job sites. It is answering the need for bringing nature's relaxing influence into our more indoor lifestyles," Kropovinsky explains. While it might be convenient to work from home, it has its fair share of drawbacks, which include not needing to step outside for days at a time. Adding biophilic accents, such as house plants, natural wood, open shelving, natural linens, and lime paint can help the space feel earthier and more connected to the outside world. You can also connect scent into the equation, creating a signature bedroom scent by burning candles using nature-inspired notes such as clary sage or cedarwood. 

Rounded furniture is still going strong

Curved furniture has been trending since 2021, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping — especially in the bedroom. It links back to the rise of biophilic home design; nature is filled with curved, rounded corners, whereas manmade structures utilize hard lines and sharp edges. Curved couches, rounded corner headboards, and dressers with rounded sides create a more organic aesthetic. Not only that, but it's also more soothing for a bedroom. "Softer and more rounded pieces of furniture will be expected since hard angles are very disruptive for the smooth flow," Kropovinsky exclusively tells House Digest.

To add curved furniture pieces to your bedroom, look for accents with rounded edges, both big and small. You can swap out an angular, boxy accent chair for one with more rounded corners, such as the Round Swivel Chair from Target. You can also switch out a structured, rectangular desk for a kidney-shaped one, such as the Kidney-Shaped Office Desk on Amazon, which retails for $546. Feel free to experiment with this trend on a smaller scale, playing with accent pieces instead. For example, you can trade square and rectangular throw pillows for rounded ones. The Round Pintuck Pillows from Urban Outfitters work great for this. For a mirror with rounded edges, check out the Kate and Laurel Viona Modern Scalloped Wall Mirror from Amazon. This will create a more organic atmosphere.

Airy color palettes are still the go-to

When it comes to color palettes, soft, airy colors continue to prevail. Hues such as white, cream, light gray, and light blue create a sense of peace and calm, making it easier to relax and unwind in bed after a long day. Not only that, they also create a beautiful color story that is as aesthetic as it is soothing. "In bedroom spaces, muted, soft hues will prevail resulting in an air of quiet grace and dignified beauty," Kropovinsky tells House Digest. However, "soft hues" don't just have to be neutrals. 2024 is seeing a rise in earthy colors, such as pale green, light yellow, and sage green, tying back to biophilic home design.

To recreate this look in your own space, you can shake up your room in a drastic way by repainting your walls with one of these muted hues. Whether you go with a light, powdery green or a cool, whiteish-blue, your space will instantly transform into a calm oasis. However, if you don't want to take on the large task of repainting your walls, you can incorporate this trend into your bedroom in smaller ways. For instance, you can swap out your bedding for lighter shades, experimenting with a beige linen duvet topped with cream throw pillows and a sage green blanket. You can also add these colorful touches in the form of chair pillows, curtains, or ottomans.

Eco-friendly designs continue to be top-tier

"Eco-friendly" was once a buzzword and felt like a fleeting trend, but nowadays people make a concentrated effort to support brands who go the extra mile to reduce their environmental impact. Because of this, sustainability in the form of eco-friendly designs continues to trend for bedrooms in 2024. "Eco-sophisticated luxuries will prevail in sustainable and exquisite materials," Kropovinsky exclusively tells House Digest. This can realize itself in many forms. For instance, there is something very soothing and luxurious about swapping out your non-breathable bed sheets for a duvet and linen set made from responsibly-grown cotton. You can also trade in your synthetic sleeping pillows for ones made with natural wool or plant-based filling. 

Hop on this trend of sustainable interior decor by taking a closer look at your textiles in your bedroom and seeing where it makes sense to upgrade them. For instance, if you want your bedding to be more eco-friendly, consider swapping out your lumpy synthetic pillows for ones from Holy Lamb Organics, which use a wool fill. If you want more luxurious throws, switch out your plastic-based fleece blankets for cotton ones ethically made, like the blankets from Made Trade. As for your bedding, trade a mass-produced duvet for something handcrafted by a local artist using recycled materials, such as a quilt or waffle throw. Or, if it's decor you're itching to update, source secondhand items from the thrift store.

Sensory-friendly accents continue to reign supreme

At the end of the day, you want to feel cozy and relaxed in your bedroom, which is why sensory-friendly accents continue to trend in 2024. "To make the room sensory-friendly, use velvet, linen, or any other textures for depth and comfort," Kropovinsky tells House Digest. It's no longer enough to have simple cotton duvets and pillows on your bed — you want to include different textures to help give your room dimension and interest. For instance, rather than just focusing on velvet throw pillows, take it a step further and get a coordinating velvet duvet with the pillows. 

The reason we still crave this style is because of how much time we spend online in our day to day lives. "It's textural and tactile, providing a welcome break from the cyber-world," Kropovinsky explains. As more and more people work or go to school from home, they crave tactile accents in their homes to help ground them in their physical spaces. Not only are we on the internet for work, but also during our leisure time in the form of social media or content platforms like YouTube. Having something textured helps bring us back into our spaces. You can do this by weaving in multiple textured pieces throughout the room. For instance, add fur rugs on either side of your bed, hang woven artwork on the walls, experiment with textured waffle throws or quilted duvets, and add leather ottomans or chairs to sit on.

Dramatic bedrooms

While some people prefer a calm oasis for a bedroom, others like to fall asleep in a dramatic space that feels like something out of a designer's portfolio. "I am looking at bedrooms becoming more dramatic in late 2024," Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan, the creative principal at In-Site Interior Design, Inc., exclusively tells House Digest. "People want their bedrooms to have the feel of an elegant hotel room and are willing to make their rooms special." You can do this in many ways. For example, add deep, rich colors in everything from the walls to the bedding to the surrounding furniture, such as side tables and sitting chairs. You can also add prints in the form of wallpaper, area rugs, and curtains, or bring the drama with lighting.

"We use many different techniques to add drama to a bedroom and adding lighting is our first focus," Sanchez Vaughan explains. "We do this by either creating a ceiling cove with light rimming it, or adding it to the furniture." To do the latter, you can add LED light strips to areas like the back of your headboard or underneath your nightstands. Add wall sconces on either side of your bed if you want to try something other than table lamps. Just make sure to use warm lightbulbs to create a dramatically cozy — rather than brightly sterile — space.

Padded accent walls

Adding texture to your bedroom helps give interest to the space, but to take that trend even further, 2024 has seen a rise in utilizing padded walls. "Another way to add drama is to create a padded wall to form a custom headboard or wall detail," Sanchez Vaughan tells House Digest. "Adding fabric to the wall also helps to reduce sound, making the space feel a little quieter." You can either create a padded headboard that spans across the entire length of the wall, or add in a padded panel just above your bed that acts as an accent. Just as long as you have large swatches of fabric decorating the wall, you're doing the trend correctly. 

If you don't have the budget to get custom panels or headboards made, then you can buy pre-made ones. For example, these suede, upholstered panels from Home Depot cost $200 for a 4-pack. You can then arrange these on the wall directly behind your bed. Or, if you would prefer something that doesn't require quite as much mounting, invest in a large padded headboard. For example, the BSHOMGI Store Headboard is only $100 on Amazon, but it utilizes two large cushions to create that unique, padded look.