The Dollar Tree Pool Noodle Hack That Makes Storing Pool Floats A Breeze

Outdoor organization is as essential as indoor organization, but finding space for all your items can be tough. This is especially true if you don't have a garage or shed but still need to stash things such as pool floats. When improperly stored, you might find them strewn about the yard, especially during windy weather. But TikToker @ervrydayimcalculatin has a Dollar Tree solution to easily store pool floats, and it just requires a broom handle and a pool noodle. When improperly stored, your favorite pool toys might become damaged, but this hack keeps them in one location. 

The number of broom handles and pool noodles you need depends on how many swim tubes you need to store, so purchase accordingly. You can buy broom handles and pool noodles at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each, making this a fast and affordable way of organizing all your summer floating devices. The goal is to create stakes in the ground for your swim tubes, using the pool noodles to cushion the broom handle. The best part of this hack is that you can easily remove the pool noodle from its base, using it in the pool before returning it for storage. Your yard will look tidy and you won't have to worry about pool toys ending up in the neighbor's yard. Remember that you want pool floats to dry out in between uses. When they sit in the water for too long, these floatation devices can become worn down and eventually tear.

Create your pool float storage

To carry out this pool noodle DIY favorite, purchase your Dollar Tree items. If you already have an old broom handle, then don't be afraid to use it for this project. Some broom handles are wooden, which is why you want the pool noodle to act as a cushion, protecting your pool floats from possible splinters. Use metal broom handles if possible. Stake your broom handle in the ground and slide your pool noodle over it. With minimal effort, you can stash your swim tubes on it after use. 

If you love this hack and want to up the ante, you can turn it into a fun outside game for friends and family. Move your pool noodle stakes elsewhere in the yard and use them as a large game of ring toss. Once done, simply move them back for storage purposes. When storing pool floats, it's best to place them in the shade, ensuring they're dry before stacking them. When pool floats are stored in direct sunlight, the air inside them has the tendency to expand, so they may pop. But what about pool float storage when it's cold out? When storing your pool floats and accessories this winter, grab an old planter. Place a Styrofoam disc inside, insert your broom handle, and voila! Instant indoor storage. If you don't have one, you can purchase a Styrofoam disc at Michaels for $5. You can also use this storage method during inclement weather, especially when windy.