Don't Toss Out Tissue Boxes Until You've Tried This Trick For Clutter-Free Drawers

If you were a "Minute to Win It" fan, you likely recall the "Junk in the Trunk" game with the tissue box, or perhaps you saw people on social media recreating the challenge at home. It's certainly a good reason to hold onto empty tissue boxes, but you can also use them to organize the contents of your drawers. A simple empty cardboard tissue box can easily be used in a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any other room in your house with unorganized drawers.

Just think of all the items in your kitchen or den drawer right now. You probably have a cluttered junk drawer filled with miscellaneous items like batteries, matches, lighters, candles, rubber bands, and so on. Or perhaps the drawers that hold only three kinds of items — forks, spoons, and knives — could use some organization because they're all piled on top of each other. This is where a simple tissue box or two can come in handy. All you need for your DIY tissue box organizer is a pair of scissors and tape.

How to use tissue boxes as drawer organizers

Tissue boxes come in either a cube or cuboid shape. Both can be used as a DIY drawer organizer, depending on the width and depth of the drawer you want to place it in. Some drawer organizers cost over $25, but making one out of an old cardboard tissue box is free. To convert your tissue box into a drawer organizer, you'll need a pair of scissors, tape, and a ruler.

First measure the depth, width, and length of the drawer. Use these measurements to decide how many boxes will fit in the drawer (if you plan on using more than one) and if the box will fit vertically in the drawer. If the height of the box won't fit in the drawer, cut the lid portion down to be flush with the height of the drawer, or lower. If the height will fit, you can cut each corner of the box lid and fold each panel into the walls of the box, as YouTuber OrgaNatic demonstrates. Use tape if necessary.

Once your boxes are ready, place them in your drawer and fill them with your items. They can be used to organize eating utensils in the kitchen; combs, makeup, and hair ties in the bathroom; and all those miscellaneous items in any junk drawer.