The General Rule Of Thumb For Choosing The Right Living Room End Table Size

At House Digest, we get excited about functional decor. Like a plant with pretty foliage and delicious fruit, it is the best of both worlds. End tables are the perfect double-whammy and a must-have for updating your living room. They not only add table space, but are also an opportunity to play with texture, color, pattern, and material. When it comes to picking your end tables, though, size matters most. The perfect size for your end table depends on the size of your couch and your storage needs. Generally, it should be within a couple inches of your sofa's armrest in height and equal or less than your sofa in depth. 

The wrong size end table can throw off your entire living room design. Too large and the other furniture can look like out of place, destroying the flow of the room. Too small and the table's functionality as a counter is hampered — plus it can disappear within the room, losing its visual appeal. With the right size piece, you can space your living room furniture correctly for a practical layout and a magazine-worthy home.

The ideal end table height, width, and depth

There are a few general sizing rules when it comes to choosing the perfect living room end table. First, the end table's height should be within 2 inches of the sofa's armrest. The end table can be the same height as the armrest, 2 inches shorter, or 2 inches taller. If your couch armrest is 20 inches tall, the end table can be anywhere between 18 and 22 inches in height. 

The depth of the end table is another important aspect. It should be about the same depth as your couch. It is okay if the table is slightly smaller by an inch or two, but it is a design crime for the end table to be larger than the couch. That's how you end up with an awkward layout and furniture you keep stubbing your toe on.

The end table's width depends more on your needs and the available space than the furniture it's next to. End tables usually have a width between 14 and 24 inches, which should work in any living room area. It just needs to be wide enough to fit what you desire. Do you need a large countertop to house decorative lamps and books, or is a small surface for your drinks and TV remote better? To keep your space clutter-free, avoid crowding the tabletop with too many items. A smaller-width end table with added storage like a drawer can be the ideal balance of style and functionality.