The One Piece Of Living Room Furniture Nate Berkus Recommends Adding To Your Space

Interior designer Nate Berkus doesn't shy away from imparting his decorating wisdom on social media, and when he dishes out helpful tips and tricks, they're often worth heeding. For instance, when it comes to adding sculptural furniture to a room, he's got a clear suggestion in mind: chairs.

"I think chairs are the most sculptural furniture in a room," Berkus shared on Instagram and added, "Which one is your favorite?" He offers photos of three distinctively different choices: an extremely sculpted stacked plywood chair created in 2003 by artist and designer Julian Mayor; a boucle club chair from his collection conceived with his husband Jeremiah Brent for Living Spaces; and a vintage leather and chrome Barcelona chair first designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929.

His choices did more than inspire a popularity contest (with the comfy club chair being the clear winner among commenters on this Insta post, although they all had their fans), they illustrated how sculptural chairs can be used to make a statement in a room. The one you select can say as much about your goals for accessorizing your space as it does about your personality.

Sculptural chairs can match your decorating goals and your lifestyle

There are times when you need a chair for reading, watching a movie, or crocheting while listening to your favorite music. Comfort is key in these instances. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, however. Nate Berkus exhibits this with his boxy club chair suggestion that exudes a cozy yet chic look. This type of chair, along with many other comfy sculpted styles, can be customized in all types of fabric and leather in just about any color to suit your decorating needs.

When would you choose a chair that you can't actually sit in like the sculpted plywood chair Berkus featured on Instagram? When you want a focal point in a room that makes an artsy statement rather than offering a place to sit to tie your shoes. The artsy chair of your choice would fill an empty corner or sit by a fireplace to make a personal statement rather than filling day-to-day seating needs.

When vintage is your vibe, there are a bevy of chair styles to choose from including the classic Barcelona chair Berkus included in his mini slide show. In that modern style vein, you also have Eames chairs with their heft price tags and Arne Jacobsen's ultra cool Egg Chairs. If you buy one of these vintage styles in excellent condition, it can combine form with function to provide a comfortable place to sit that also looks super sculptural.