Turn A Dollar Tree Shower Curtain Into Whimsical Butterfly Garden Decor

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Dollar Tree is a great place to get creative craft supplies. You can use a lot of inexpensive Dollar Tree products for great DIY projects. One whimsical project includes just a few very affordable items — primarily a shower curtain and plastic hangers — to make an adorable DIY butterfly ornament that will brighten up any garden. Plus, Dollar Tree has a handful of pretty shower curtains for you to choose from too. At Dollar Tree, grab a small crafting wood plank for the center of the butterfly, a bottle of craft paint, a cheap paintbrush, tape, and a bit of twine for just over a dollar each. Then, snag a pack of battery-operated fairy lights, like these from Amazon for $9.99, to really make it glow. The only tool you need to assemble this sweet decoration is a hot glue gun, like this one available on Amazon for $7.99 (plus your household scissors).

Once you have all your supplies and tools, lay the shower curtain on the floor or a table, face down. Take four of the plastic hangers and place them on top of the curtain, two on each side, with the hooks facing each other. These will form the wings of the butterfly. Hot glue the centers of the hangers together. The hangers will be front and center on the butterfly, so make sure to clean up any excess. Then trim your curtain around the shape, leaving a little excess of the curtain over the wings. Once it's attached, you'll trim it perfectly later, but to start, make sure you give yourself some room to work with. 

Hot glue and some craft paint will complete your butterfly ornament

Once the glue on the butterfly wings has settled and they're securely fastened, take the shower curtain and hot glue it to the back of the wings. Remember to put it face down on the hangers so the pattern will show through the wings! Once that has cooled, trim the rest of the curtain down to give it a nice, clean edge. Then tape the twinkle lights to the back of the butterfly, stringing them along the edges and back to the center, wherever you want the lights to show up.

The final step is to create the butterfly's body. You probably want a piece around 6 inches to 8 inches or so, but it's really personal preference. Craft paint is fairly cheap and comes in a lot of colors. Plus, you can use it later even to paint pumpkins for Halloween. Paint the wood a coordinating color to your shower curtain. When that's dry, glue it to the center either with more hot glue or with wood glue. Next, attach the twine to the top of the butterfly. When you're ready to hang it up, put in a nail, screw, or an open-eye hook. Hang it up, and then watch it twinkle in your garden when evening comes.