The Ryobi Lawn Tool That Makes Spreading Grass Seed A Breeze

When you're ready to spread grass seed to strengthen your yard or to fill in some patchy spots in the lawn, using your hand is the cheapest way to spread grass seed. However, it also takes longer than using lawn tools. Power tools can be the answer to accomplishing even spreading quickly. Multiple TikTok and YouTube reviewers have posted videos that show the strengths of the Ryobi 18V 1 Gallon Power Spreader, allowing you to spread the grass seed in just several minutes, covering up to 5,000 square feet per tank.

Compared to spreading by hand, the Ryobi tool speeds up the process by automatically and evenly applying the seed over a width of up to 5 feet as you walk. You don't have to keep reaching into the bag to grab more seed like you do when spreading by hand, which significantly slows down the work.

If you already trust Ryobi tools to help with lawn projects and yard work, adding the power spreader machine to your arsenal is a smart choice. You can use the same 18-volt battery that works on other Ryobi outdoor tools (like a string trimmer or a sprayer) with the power spreader, making it an economical choice. Additionally, you can use the power spreader to distribute materials like lawn fertilizer and driveway salt. It even works for spreading bird seed or cracked corn for squirrels and raccoons. The versatility of this Ryobi power tool gives you a good value.

How to use the Ryobi Power Spreader to distribute grass seed evenly

The Ryobi Power Spreader costs about $65 at Home Depot without a battery, and about $159 with a battery and charger. To use this tool, just pop the rechargeable battery in the back of the machine. Make the first pass around the entire perimeter of the space where you want to spread the grass seed. Then, go back and forth in a vertical or horizontal pattern inside the perimeter.

The Ryobi Power Spreader has a number of features that make operation smooth and that ensure the proper level of coverage across the entire space. A flow rate knob on the handle determines the amount of grass seed applied. A sliding lever across the bottom controls the width of the distribution. Once everything is set, just depress the trigger on the top of the handle to start.

The Ryobi tool has an anti-clog mechanism that isn't really a significant feature when you're using it to apply grass seed, which rarely clogs. Unlike a drop spreader that could clog up in the opening at the bottom when going over wet grass, you use the Ryobi machine while holding it well off the ground as you're walking, so it never touches wet grass. However, the anti-clog mechanism works nicely for using the Ryobi tool for granular fertilizer or driveway ice melt, which can clog up when damp.

What reviewers have to say about the Ryobi Power Spreader

Multiple YouTube and TikTok reviewers appreciate the performance level of the Ryobi Power Spreader. YouTuber Omni Garage estimated that the Ryobi tool saved about 30 minutes in the application process on a 1,400-square-foot lawn (about 130 square meters). Omni Garage liked the weight balance the Ryobi tool provided, making it comfortable to use for a long period of time without suffering muscle fatigue. Omni Garage also likes being able to share the same 18-volt battery among all Ryobi power tools.

Another reviewer on YouTube, Doresoom Tool Reviews, likes that you can control the size of the opening by varying the pressure you use on the trigger on the handle. You can increase the opening to a larger size in areas where the ground is especially bare without having to stop and make any adjustments to the machine. Doresoom Tool Reviews also likes the comfortable weight balance of the machine and its competitive price versus other options.

TikTok user @bencham95 mentioned the large capacity of the spreader's tank at 1 gallon (almost 4 kilograms), allowing the project to go faster because you don't need to refill the tank constantly. It created an even spread and delivered the material faster and easier than using a hand crank — however, he only used the tool for spreading fertilizer.