How To Choose The Right Type Of Toilet Handle For Your Decor

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Has your toilet handle just stopped working? Or, perhaps there's nothing wrong with it, besides that it looks old and outdated. Whatever the case may be, you might decide that it's finally time to replace your faulty toilet handle. If you do, you'll need to choose a replacement, and there are quite a lot of options out there for such a utilitarian object. This can make it tricky to settle on just one. To help you decide upon the right toilet handle for your space, our advice is to start by choosing the material, then narrow down the styles you like and decide whether you want it to match the other hardware elements in the room or not.

However, although aesthetics are important, longevity and user-friendliness should not be overlooked when it comes to these hardworking toilet parts. Keep in mind that not every toilet handle is created equal. While older tanks are more likely to need specific handles, you might get lucky with a newer toilet that allows for a universal lever. Generally, most toilet tanks have a ½-inch lever hole size, but don't forget to take the arm's length into account so it lines up with all the other parts.

The material matters

Material-wise, you have two main options: metal or plastic. Metal toilet levers are not only favored for their durability, but they also come in a variety of finishes. For instance, brass delivers an old-world charm while black makes a bold statement. Then there's chrome, which is the most versatile of them all and fits into most bathroom designs, be it modern or traditional. The downside? Metal is known to rust over time and can jam if the thread corrodes. That being said, many newer models, such as the Moen Doux Chrome Toilet Lever for about $25 on Amazon, are built to withstand rusting and corrosion.

On the flip side, there are plastic toilet handles. These won't rust and are more affordable if you're shopping on a tight budget. However, as expected, they're often flimsier and the designs typically aren't really wow-worthy. If you search enough, though, you might find a quirky handle, like the SilverballShop Pinball Flipper Toilet Flusher for $30 or the PalmenezIndustries Stick Shift Toilet Handle for $13, both on Etsy. These are great for adding a fun twist to your toilet area.

Navigating style choices

Once you've chosen your material, you can then decide upon the design you want. For a cohesive look, pick a handle that matches the overall style of your space. Let's say your bathroom leans nautical. In this case, a wheel faucet-style handle like the Kingston Brass Buckingham Toilet Tank Lever for around $45 on Amazon would fit right in. Conversely, those with a glam-themed space would prefer something a bit more elegant, like the Kingston Brass Toilet Lever on Amazon for about $52 that features a crystal glass handle. Again, the choices are endless. 

If you choose one of these bold options, stick to the same finish and color as your other hardware accessories, such as the toilet paper holder, towel rack, or faucet. This will make things less overwhelming. Of course, however, there's no hard-and-fast rule that says everything has to match. Instead, if the rest of the design is a bit bland, you can make the toilet handle stand out as an unexpected accent by choosing a different color or hardware finish. Either way, it's the small details like choosing a nice-looking toilet handle that can help upgrade a builder-grade bathroom into an inviting space.