Introducing The Eureka RapidWash: Get The Best Of Both Worlds With This New Wet Dry Vacuum

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Whether you live in a house, condo, apartment, or yurt, cleaning the floors is one of the most basic tasks for any home. For such a simple chore, though, the decisions involved can get complicated. Just think about all the devices involved: going from your mop to your broom is one thing, but then you have vacuuming, and even once you've picked a brand you'll probably have to figure out which attachment is perfect for which specialized task. 

This makes for one very crowded (not to mention, expensive) cleaning closet. It's no wonder vacuum mops are becoming the cleaning tools of the 21st century: Why buy so many items if you can find one to do it all? However, the market is flooded with options. It's not easy to find one that has a functional design, cleaning and battery power equal to that of a traditional vacuum cleaner and mop system, and a price that won't completely break the bank. Thankfully, Eureka's latest wet dry vacuum, the RapidWash, has all of that and more. 

Founded in Detroit, Michigan over 100 years ago, Eureka has remained one of the foremost manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, and in 2023, the company launched the NEW400, which immediately stood out as one of the best value wet dry vacuum on the market. Following this, Eureka clearly wanted to push the envelope further with an even more powerful and efficient model, and the RapidWash accomplishes this in spades.

The RapidWash boasts a stunning and ultra-functional design

The first thing you'll notice about the RapidWash is the incredibly sleek design. Vacuum cleaners often look clunky and heavy, making them difficult to store and unpleasant to look at, but the RapidWash has a slim silhouette that can easily fit inside a broom closet or be left in the open without obstructing your room's aesthetics. As a cordless vacuum, the RapidWash also isn't encumbered with foot after foot of clumsily wrapped cord, reducing bulk and making the vacuum much easier to maneuver.

Clocking in at just 8.16 pounds — less than a gallon of milk — the RapidWash is a dream to push around the floor and carry around the home as needed. The super lightweight tool is aided with self-propelling mechanics that allow you to easily push and turn the vacuum on the floor — even into those tight, hard to reach areas. Users will also find the self-propulsion feature makes maneuvering the vacuum around much less laborious, which helps to reduce fatigue while vacuuming. As such, this would be an ideal wet dry vacuum for anyone who struggles with lugging heavier vacuums around the house.

The RapidWash brings superior cleaning power to your home, with no cord to trip over

For a long time in the world of vacuum cleaners, lightweight meant low power, and in the past, folks wondered if cordless vacuums were really worth the hype. Sure, plenty were available, but could they effectively clean floors? Concerning wet dry vacuum cleaners, a product needs to not only be able to suck dirt, dust, fur, hair, and more from the ground, but also sufficiently clean as a mop would, so there's even more demand on these machines. But the RapidWash is up for the task with over 15,000Pa in suction power – equal to Eureka's premier model, the Flash NES510, a corded, traditional stick vacuum – so there were no corners cut in their latest wet dry vacuum model. The brush also averages 450 rotations per minute, ensuring that debris is removed quickly and effectively from carpeted and hardwood floors alike.

Beyond standard suction power, the RapidWash is equipped with RollFresh technology, which deals with the mopping and cleaning functions. This unique brush head manages to moisten, scrape, and scrub floor surfaces for an easy, all-in-one clean when paired with powerful suction. While you're cleaning your floors, the RapidWash is running water through its tank filtering system which separates dirty from clean water for immediate recycling, allowing for easy, uninterrupted cleaning.

Easy to clean and durable: The Eureka way

One of the biggest drawbacks to a wet dry vacuum cleaner is dealing with their cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning a regular vacuum only requires emptying the dustbin and cleaning or changing the filters from time to time, and a mop can be sanitized with some bleach and hot water and simply left to air dry from time to time. But the average wet dry vacuum needs to be cleaned after every single use to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. That's why it's key that the RapidWash is truly self-cleaning. And as a cordless vacuum, the RapidWash charges via dock, where it can also perform its self-cleaning function at the touch of a button. 

The duo-mop roller/brush head is wetted to remove any residual debris, then rolls through a rinse cycle. During this time, the excess water is automatically pulled into the dirty water tank. Finally, the head rapidly self-spins until it is totally dry. When the cycle is done, you only need to remove and empty the dirty water tank, give it a quick rinse, and pop it back into place. And just like that, your RapidWash vacuum is as clean as your freshly vacuumed and mopped floors.

Eureka offers more cleaning options than ever in one easy package

In keeping with Eureka's "Easy. Clean. Done." motto, the RapidWash is incredibly easy to navigate, even for the technology-averse. You simply toggle between the three cleaning modes: Turbo, Eco, and Dry. Turbo mode is the dry and wet combo that's best-suited to heavy-duty cleanups including larger solid pieces such as food crumbs, sticky messes like oil or grease, and so on. Eco is lighter and will take up as little battery power as possible while still delivering wet mop properties along with dry vacuum suction. Most notably is the Dry Mode, which debuts on the RapidWash and isn't included on previous wet dry vacs from Eureka: This mode stops churning water out, only sucking up moisture from the floor and pulling it into the dirty water tank. This is best-suited to wet messes like spilled drinks and bathtub floors, or soft floors like rugs and carpets. 

In Turbo mode, the RapidWash can run uninterrupted for nearly 20 minutes, and approximately 25 minutes in Eco mode. Battery time will vary if you toggle between these modes, but you can easily track your battery's remaining charge on a helpful LED display. This handy screen also shows you if your dirty water tank is full or if an error has occurred, and is where you can easily switch between modes. It can also be accessed with voice-activated navigation.

The RapidWash offers incredible value at a great price

While Eureka's previous wet dry vacuum cleaners have also been great value buys, the RapidWash has been outfitted with features that make it a truly exceptional device. For instance, last year's New400 was equipped with a substantial 600 milliliter clean water and 400 milliliter dirty water tank. For the more powerful RapidWash, Eureka fitted the device with an 800 milliliter clean and 450 milliliter dirty water tank, allowing you to clean larger spaces more deeply and efficiently without stopping to refill and empty these compartments. Combined with the longer lasting battery and customizable cleaning modes, this model stands out from both its predecessor and its competitors.

Comparable wet dry vacuums can cost over $900 dollars, but the RapidWash currently retails for just $279.99 on Amazon and Eureka's website. Considering that this serves as an all-in-one floor cleaner, you really can't beat that price, especially when you consider the superior cleaning functions, stylish design, and ease of maintenance that Eureka's RapidWash offers. Truly, it's the all-in-one floor solution you've spent your life dreaming about.