The Type Of Toilet That Is Particularly Suited For Your Children's Bathroom

Before buying a new toilet for your bathroom, you need to do quite a bit of research on which components and design features will best suit the space. You might explore more practical elements like the size of the toilet. There are also more luxurious toilet features, such as automatic flushing technology, that you may consider. The search can get particularly tricky for those trying to select the right type of toilet for a children's bathroom. A round toilet is great for this space because its size and shape allow it to comfortably fit into a smaller bathroom.

Elongated toilets, which are typically used in standard bathrooms, are larger and may take up too much space in a children's bathroom. The oval shape of a standard toilet is not quite as compact as a round toilet, which many present challenges when trying to install it in a small space as well. Selecting a round toilet that will fit into a children's bathroom with room to spare will help you make the most out of the room. With the right size toilet, you do not have to worry about limitations when installing a shower and bathroom counter.

Round toilets are small enough for your children's bathroom

You might be more familiar with elongated toilets as these are typically installed in most bathrooms frequented by adults. However, they are not exactly the most appropriate option for tiny children's bathrooms. Elongated toilets are generally about two inches larger than round toilets. This may not seem like much of a difference, but if you are working with a tiny children's bathroom, you probably need all the extra space you can get. Round toilets are one of the best ways to make the most out of a small bathroom. 

If you have ever used a round toilet before, you may have noticed that it is not the most comfortable option for adults. As a result, you might opt to eventually upgrade a round toilet to an elongated design if you remain in your home long enough for your children to outgrow it. This can be a challenge for those with a particularly small bathroom, so this is something to consider before deciding whether the round toilet is right for you.

Round toilets you may want to consider

Now that you know the type of towel bowl best suited for your children's bathroom, you might be ready to explore purchase options. Most toilet sellers offer round designs that would fit well in a small bathroom. There are options to fit nearly any budget. If you are looking for something affordable, you may want to consider the Glacier Bay 12-inch round toilet from Home Depot. It is priced at only $94.00. Although this toilet does not include flashy, high-tech features, it does have a dual flush option. This allows you to conserve a bit of water for those times when high-powered flushing is not needed.

Those looking for something a bit more modern might prefer the Swiss Madison Sublime III toilet. This features a sleek design, dual flushing, and nozzles crafted to help blast your bowl with water to keep it clean. As you may have guessed, this toilet is a bit more pricey, at $315.38. However, the high cost may be worth it for those who would prefer a more luxurious round toilet that their children can continue to use as they get older.