The Best Comforter For Summer Will Leave You Feeling Cool And Refreshed

As you get ready to welcome summer and its sunshine and long days, you must also be thinking of how to stay cool at night. Air conditioning and fans are the obvious necessities, but they aren't always available, which is why you should find more creative ways to cool down your home, like keeping the curtains closed during the day. For the night, you should consider using light bedding materials because they will significantly improve your sleep. Cooling sheets and comforters that are designed to maintain a comfortable body temperature are especially helpful.

Wondering if cooling bedding really works? We're happy to confirm it does. This type of bedding is made of lightweight fabrics with breathable fibers, which allow air to pass through and won't let the material weigh too heavy on the body. While cooling sheets and comforters are great for hot weather, they are also useful year-round for people that overheat in their sleep due to age, genetics, pregnancy, menopause, and other factors.

Get a cooling comforter

Cooling comforters are great companions for summer nights because they take the heat away from the body and keep it cool so you can sleep comfortably. A quality cooling comforter like the REST Evercool Cooling Comforter, for example, is popular because it is thin and light, and great at wicking sweat away from the skin. You can find it on Amazon and the cost ranges from $200 to $279 based on the size you need.

Some features we recommend searching for when shopping for a cooling comforter are that it's hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and easy to wash. It's a big bonus if it can be put in the washing machine and dryer with no issues and if it's made of safe chemicals, especially if the blanket is to be used by children or people with sensitive skin.

On the design side, this type of bedding can come in various colors that can easily fit in with whatever your bedroom design is. Another thing to love about cooling comforters is that they can also be used in any season, not just when it's hot. We just suggest bundling up with another covering on top if you feel cold, because by keeping the cooling comforter directly on your body, you can still benefit from the temperature regulation.