The 7 Best Love It Or List It Bathroom Makeovers Of All Time

If anyone knows how to perform a spectacular bathroom makeover, it's Hilary Farr. "Love It or List It" is one of HGTV's most entertaining programs, due to both Farr's expertise and her charming banter with David Visentin. Homeowners are offered the choice between keeping their house after Farr's renovation, or opting for a new home selected by Visentin. Naturally, fans are enthusiastic to share their own opinion regarding whether they would "Love It or List It."

Based on YouTube comments by avid HGTV watchers, we've rounded up the top seven bathroom makeovers by Hilary Farr. If you're searching for tips from Farr to elevate your own bathroom, these renovations offer inspiration. The beauty of these transformations is that Farr has to work on a tight budget. She knows how to stretch a dollar and create stunning, yet attainable, interiors. Discover why these bathroom makeovers have gained popularity among viewers, and save some tricks for your own home.

7. Two new bathrooms on a major budget

In Season 12, Episode 7, Ashley and Cole bought their house sight unseen, resulting in more than a few unexpected challenges. One of the biggest problems was the dated, compact bathrooms. Hilary Farr's job was no small feat when Ashley and Cole gave her a budget of only $40,000. A reconfiguration and expansion of each bathroom wasn't just a bonus –- it was a must. While Farr had to put in an extra $6,000, viewers agreed that the result was worth it. 

Fans were shocked that Farr was able to do a complete overhaul and stay near the strict budget. She was able to transform not one but two brand-new bathrooms! While fans loved Farr's work, they weren't so thrilled with the stinginess of the couple. @laurabodycombe7998 comments: "We're spending $40,000 just to redo our master bathroom. These people were totally unrealistic with their wish list." @skdoremi6666 adds, "In all honesty we don't need much space, they have a beautiful kitchen, a great master, renovated bathroom ... all in all, they should be happy, not everything is about the size ..." While renovating your master bathroom can definitely be pricey, you can create a luxury oasis with a few creative ideas. Mimic the look of Farr's renovation with marble-style contact paper from Amazon for your countertops and swap out your hardware for something modern and chrome.

6. A former attic transformed into a sleek bath

In Season 12, Episode 3, Emilee and Jody chose to purchase a major fixer-upper, due to Jody's job in the construction industry. However, her other jobs prevented her from focusing on her own home, leaving the couple to live in a constant work-in-progress. The master bathroom was nonexistent, but Hilary Farr saw the potential in an unused attic space with vaulted ceilings. Creating a bathroom from scratch is no small feat, but Farr was up to the challenge with an $85,000 budget.

While the entire renovation was impressive, the crowning jewel of Farr's transformation was definitely the master bath with vaulted ceilings. Farr transformed a bare-bones space under the rooftop into a stunning master bathroom. The finished room was complete with a marble walk-in shower and a freestanding tub. Although the couple ultimately decided to list it, the fans don't agree with their choice! User @Jean-uw7uk comments, "I don't understand why they listed it," and @maryregan7928 says what we are all thinking: "Love the bathroom." If you agree with the fans and want to design a similar bathroom, note the importance of a rain showerhead for a luxurious look. However, make sure you check your water pressure laws because there's nothing worse than a low-pressure rainshower!

5. A bathroom brimming with natural light

Although Luke and Jim's house in Season 19, Episode 7, was an impressive five bedrooms, they only had one full bath -– that left much to be desired in terms of size. Although their one-and-a-half bathrooms were fully renovated, they were much too small to be functional for the magnitude of the home. A master suite was non-existent, but Farr had a vision of transforming an unused bedroom into a master bathroom that would raise the resale value of the home.

Working from scratch, Hilary Farr added the master bathroom to the top level of the home under the vaulted rooftop. This positioning allowed her to add several skylights both on the side and ceiling. The natural light flooded in from all angles. While getting rid of the bedroom was risky, the gamble paid off according to the fans. HGTV fan @debrap947 comments, "I would never give up that house ... you would have to take me out in a pine box!" User @LoveToday8 specifies, "Love the skylights in the bathroom." Even if you can't afford to design a brand new bathroom, increasing natural light is a great way to make any space feel larger. Adding or expanding mirrors will reflect light within your space. If you want to brighten a windowless bathroom, you can also install faux-skylights like these from Amazon.

4. A master bathroom for maximum privacy

Kim and Tyler only had one newborn when they originally moved into their home showcased on Season 12, Episode 4. At the time of the episode, their home was filled with three growing children. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges of their original home was the fact that Kim and Tyler were forced to share their bathroom with their three kids. The kids' bathroom needed a serious makeover, and the couple needed a proper master suite! Hilary Farr had no choice but to turn guest spaces into bathrooms, but the payoff was evident.

Not only did Farr give their kids a brand new bathroom, but she turned unused space into a large, luxurious master bath. The designer chose to use modern, light gray tiles with nickel hardware. The hardware created a perfect balance between warm and cool-toned neutrals. User @drewconway7135 comments, "I want that master bath," and users agree! In the end, the couple decided to "love it" and keep their renovated home. Their only hesitation was that Farr used their budget for upgrades like the bathrooms, but neglected to update their kitchen as requested. However, when we surveyed 627 homeowners, we found that over 26% of participants would opt to renovate their bathroom over their kitchen.

3. The proof that any bathroom is salvageable

Kathy and John, in Season 12 Episode 11, disagreed on whether their dated house was salvageable. John chalked the issues up to cosmetic setbacks, whereas Kathy couldn't visualize the transformation. The original master bathroom needed to be gutted, and John decided to demo the bathroom himself. John explains, "I can take stuff down. I'm not very good at putting stuff back together." The couple hadn't been able to use their master suite for over seven months.

Hilary Farr won over Kathy in the end with a stunning makeover that featured a jaw-dropping master bath. The oversized shower, freestanding tub, and opulent finishes were just a few of the elements that made the homeowners speechless. Farr turned their original tub into a closet, which should only be considered if your bathroom is well-ventilated. While the reconfiguration of the bathroom took away some space, fans agreed that the renovated bathroom was much more functional. One of the top comments, from @wandamackenzie144, reads, "Homerun Farr!" @drewconway7135 agrees, "Based on that master bath alone I figured they were going to go Love It." To capture the look of this popular renovation, make sure to prioritize placing your tub by a window. This will create an indulgent look and make your bathroom appear larger.

2. A functional bath for four-legged friends

In Season 19, Episode 4, Mona and Dong were the recipients of a more unconventional bathroom renovation. While their own bathroom makeover was beautiful, the stand-out element of their new home was the doggy bath! Previously a cramped and cluttered laundry room, Hilary Farr had a vision to both modernize the utility space and add a special element for Mona and Dong's beloved pup.

Farr satisfied their wishes of designing a home well-suited for their three kids and fourth fur child. She built a space to easily bathe their furry friend right in the laundry room. One of the top YouTube comments from @melangreathouse2209 reads: "I was almost certain that they would opt for the last property with the finished basement; UNTIL I saw Farr's renovation! As she always seems to do, she remains unfazed by difficulty. She gave them not only a 'man cave', but little touches, like the dog shower, and that guest suite!" User @ashleylewis8774 agrees: "The Doggy bath was absolutely top notch." While it might seem like a frivolous use of space to add, making your house more pet-friendly can actually streamline your day-to-day life and keep cleaning to a minimum.

1. From unsightly and cramped to spa-like and spacious

Joe and Jill, of Season 15, Episode 5, used to love their home, but their growing family made it feel increasingly cramped. The original master bathroom was almost unbelievably tiny, and the couple requested an entire floor plan overhaul. Jill laments, "I really just wanted a nice tub." Hilary Farr warns her clients, "I can't give you that. There's just nowhere to put that."

However, Farr ended up working her magic and doing a complete reconfiguration. She turned the former bathroom into a closet and added a lengthy master bathroom with a jetted tub -– leading to a stunning reveal for Jill. Commenter @AgentAO7 shares their disbelief: "How on earth did Hilary do all that for $85K?? The relocation & replumbing of the kitchen & master bath would easily take up $30-40K, plus a garage conversion & an additional bedroom?? That was impressive!" @marieslabbert6009 agrees: "This house renovation is beyond belief. Where did she find the space for the master bathroom? The house looks twice its size!" If you're as desperate as Jill to incorporate a tub into your compact bathroom, there are a few space-saving options. For instance, Wayfair offers small free-standing soaking tubs that are deep yet narrow.