If You Are Looking For The Perfect Lift-Up Coffee Table, IKEA Has You Covered

Lift-up coffee tables, also known as lift-top coffee tables, are the perfect functional and stylish furniture addition to any living room. As the name suggests, you can lift the tabletop portion of these pieces up to make it easier to reach food, a laptop, or anything else you need easy access to while sitting down. Lift-up coffee tables can be pricey, but affordable furniture stores like IKEA make them more accessible for those on a budget. The IKEA TRULSTORP is the perfect lift-up coffee table priced at only around $139.99 to $169.99, depending on its color.

The TRULSTORP is rated an impressive four stars on the IKEA website. It comes in both black and white color options to suit most living spaces. What makes this coffee table so unique? Well, this lift-up coffee table is different from many others in that only one-half of the tabletop lifts up. The other half covers the storage component inside the table and gives you some space for knickknacks or other items you won't want to move every time you lift the top. With this product's unique features and budget-friendly price, the IKEA TRULSTORP might just be the perfect coffee table for your home.

The IKEA TRULSTORP is versatile and low-maintenance

If you plan to purchase the IKEA TRULSTORP, you will be able to enjoy the many uses of the storage space within the table along with its lift-up capability. For example, you could use this section to store books without using a bookshelf. It's also great for remote controls, blankets, and anything else you would like to keep hidden out of sight when not in use. As far as the section of the table that lifts to bring a laptop or platter of food closer to you, this has a weight capacity of 66 pounds. You should be able to store a wide variety of items on this portion of the table as well.

This furniture piece is made of particleboard, plastic edging, and melamine foil. Its legs were crafted using fiberboard and paper foil. These low-maintenance materials make it easy to care for the table. To clean the IKEA TRULSTORP, all really you need is a damp cloth, and make sure to dry the table with a separate cloth once finished to avoid water damage. 

Before purchasing this or any other top-rated IKEA coffee table, as with any furniture, you'll need to make sure that it will fit comfortably in your living room. For reference, it is 45¼ inches long and 27½ inches wide. Its height comes in at 16⅛ inches when flat, but becomes 21⅝ inches when the lift-up component is raised, so check that the extended piece will work with your available space.

Other lift-up coffee tables are far pricier

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, the IKEA TRULSTORP is much more affordable than many lift-up coffee tables from other popular sellers. For example, Living Spaces sells their Wilson Lift-Top Coffee Table With Storage for $350. This item is very similar to the IKEA piece. It includes internal storage and only one-half of its tabletop extends upward. However, the TRULSTORP allows you to enjoy these features for a more budget-friendly price.

The Chanya Farmhouse Lift Top Storage Coffee Table from Wayfair is a bit more affordable than the Living Spaces table, but still quite a bit more than IKEA's version. The Chanya coffee table is on sale for $265.99 at the time of this writing but is typically priced at $309.99.

If you head over to Amazon to search for lift-up coffee tables, you will find a few options that are cheaper than the TRULSTORP, and you may be tempted to opt for one of these. However, keep in mind that shockingly cheap furniture is rarely decent quality. Although the IKEA piece is affordable, it is likely still on par with other IKEA furniture as far as quality.