Unique Ways To Use IKEA Patio Tiles In Other Areas Of Your Home

Countless balconies and patios have gotten quick, cheap upgrades with IKEA patio tiles. Plain, cracked, or stained concrete goes bye-bye in no time with a few clicks of their tiles. Just like their Danish neighbors when they created LEGO, the Swedes have innovated click-together flooring that's affordable and useful for much more than standing on. IKEA is brimming with items that professional interior designers actually buy, and IKEA patio tiles have been popping up in more and more professional projects.

These little tiles are a simple way to dress up walls and floors in outdoor spaces as well as inside your home. At 1 square foot per tile, they fit magically into both horizontal and vertical spaces for a seamless appearance. Have some unsavory 1970s paneling to cover in your living room? Maybe a concrete wall in your garden or garage is begging for embellishment. What about a kitchen backsplash or even a privacy screen? IKEA's patio tiles are up for the challenge. Add traction in potentially slippery and wet spaces indoors and out. The uses for patio tiles from IKEA are only limited by your imagination!

Go vertical

You can upgrade any wall with IKEA's patio tiles. Give a concrete garden wall a facelift with RUNNEN tiles that lend it the look of a wooden fence. With a hammer and nails, affix a wall full of lightweight ALTAPPEN tiles that interconnect. The fresh white tiles boast a geometric lacy design that will get any creative's gears turning. Try it on a wall, painted in a bright tint with paint formulated for plastic. Or paint your wall with a bold hue, overlay it with ALTAPPEN, and let the color show through the tiles' open pattern. Use ALTAPPEN to make a dreamy DIY privacy screen for your balcony or living room.

Porcelain MÄLLSTEN tiles seem made for kitchens and bathrooms. The smooth surfaces on these patterned tiles are as easy to keep clean as they are to install. Line a bathroom wall, or even all of them, with these tiles for a simple high-end finish. Tack them up behind your stove for a backsplash that hides stains, protects the wall, and adds instant pizzazz to your cooking area.

Eschew the paint or wallpaper in any room in favor of a wall full of MALLSTEN tile. It's a lot less messy and complicated to pull off, and there's no waiting for paint or wallpaper glue to dry.

Stylish dirt-free and non-slip surfaces

Three RUNNEN tiles lined up or four arranged with their corners touching make durable door mats or shoe storage in your entryway. Outside your front door, the multidirectional wooden pieces in the tile will do wonders for scraping off mud or tapping away dirt. Let damp shoes and boots dry on a few tiles in a mudroom. The same configuration can do wonders as a shower mat. RUNNEN's woven-looking slats that give your bathroom a spa-like feel while also offering a grippy place to stand as you towel off.

Stick a little closer to their intended purpose by using RUNNEN to create a surround for a pool or hot tub in your yard. Style your outdoor pool area to create a backyard oasis that stands out and keeps your friends and family safe from slipping. RUNNEN's open slats allow extra water to run through the tiles to eliminate standing water. Framing the ground around your hot tub provides a place to dry off, and the natural wood will give your relaxing space the feel of a Japanese spa.