The Clever Way To Reuse A Coffee Can In Your Garage For Organization

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Garages are an excellent place to store everything from tools to crafting supplies and everything in between. One common item you may have in your garage is twine. Twine has countless uses and is excellent for gardening or yard work. Unfortunately, any type of thin rope can easily tangle, which makes unraveling it a hassle every time you go to use it. But an old can of coffee can revolutionize the way you store twine and similar products, and all you need is to cut a hole in its plastic lid and weave the rope through, similar to wet wipes stored in cylindrical containers. This easy trick will help organize your garage — and twine — in no time. 

If you already have an old coffee can, then this hack is completely free with endless benefits. If you don't have a coffee tin you no longer need, you can check with a neighbor to see if they have one available, or simply use a different type of canister. Other containers that work for this DIY organizational project are cylindrical oatmeal containers, breadcrumb containers, and even old Tupperware containers. As long as they have plastic lids to cut a hole in, you can be as creative as you'd like with this storage trick. Just be careful when cutting holes in thick plastic, taking precautions to protect your hands. Amazon sells a two-pack of cut-resistant gloves for $10, so consider using them whenever you're completing DIY projects. 

All you need are old coffee containers

To carry out this hack, you need to cut a slit in the top of your coffee container's plastic lid. If the lid is thin enough, you could even try using a single-hole punch, provided you're only looking to weave a thin piece of twine through. Once this part of your organizational project is complete, all that's left to do is fill each container with thin rope or twine, and voila! You'll be organizing your garage like a professional

The great thing about this hack is you can use it elsewhere in your home. If you love to crochet or knit, use this trick to keep your yarn organized. Additionally, you can use an old shoe rack and stash your makeshift storage containers on each shelf, elevating your garage's organization. If these containers are out in plain sight, you might not want to see a coffee company's logo on the side, so don't be afraid to decorate them! For cylindrical containers, consider using contact paper. If you use containers with bumps, ridges, and handles, grab some chalk paint. It adheres to virtually any surface, so pick a few different shades and have fun with it. If you have other items to organize, such as small children's toys, reuse old coffee cans to keep these items tidy — just be sure to use the plastic versions of these containers, avoiding sharp metal edges.